cPanel, WordPress & Managed VPS Comparison

Written on 31 October, 2021 by Webcentral
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We compare the hosting Options of cPanel, WordPress and VPS

When looking at web hosting options, it is important you choose carefully to ensure your website has the capabilities it needs to drive online growth. You might have heard of the most popular options: cPanel hosting, WordPress hosting and VPS hosting.

In this article, we will help you make sense of the differences between these three hosting solutions so you can make an informed choice on which plan is best for you.

cPanel Hosting for Australian sites

cPanel is one of the most widely used web hosting control panels for good reason. It is beginner-friendly, very affordable and provides suitable capabilities for a small business looking to expand online operations and continue growing. Not only do cPanel plans allow for fast website speeds, they also come with various security features as well as website backups. Whether you are managing your websites using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or a combination of them, cPanel hosting will be able to do so for you.

cpanel hosting for Australian sites

When Should You Choose cPanel Hosting?

cPanel hosting offers top performance and uptime for your website. While your websites will be hosted on a shared server, it provides business owners like yourself peace of mind knowing that you have everything you need for your online operations. You will be able to manage multiple websites, have visibility of your website bandwidth and benefit from reliable hosting at an affordable price.

For Australian business owners on a budget, cPanel hosting is one of the best options available in the market. Its affordability and ease of use offer you value no matter which content management systems you use for your websites.

WordPress Hosting for Your Website 

WordPress is the most popular content management system for online websites. It is customisable, easy to navigate and comes with many professional-looking templates for people without any website or design skills.

wordpress hosting for your website

If you have a preference for using WordPress as your content management system, WordPress hosting is a no-brainer. Optimised for WordPress performance, it includes plugins to help you create a standout website to rival your competitors’, plus also takes care of all your website backups, server-level caching and content management system updates. With a customised user interface to help navigate through everything you need for web hosting, more time and resources can be dedicated to creating a professional business website.

Is WordPress Hosting Suitable for You?

Similarly to cPanel hosting, managed WordPress hosting is done so on a shared server. This means your Australian website will be competing with other websites, also hosted on the same server, for resources especially when there is heavy web traffic. That said, if you are looking for premium hosting and already have a significant number of visitors to your website, upgrading to WordPress hosting is an equally affordable option.

Should You Host Your Australian Website on a Virtual Private Server (VPS)should you host your Australian website on VPS

Managed VPS provides one of the best features for businesses looking for full control over their hosting environment. As its name suggests, managed VPS hosting gives you access to your own server. This option comes with some advantages including the freedom to customise your own control panel in a manner that best suits your business operation and website needs, without having to manage your server environment. There is no need to worry about security updates, software updates and sharing your resources with other websites during peak traffic; you will have guaranteed performance for your site any day, any time.

Who Should Use VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting caters to websites that require the ability to juggle high traffic and high performance at the same time. Websites that will benefit the most from managed VPS hosting’s capabilities and reliability include Australian e-commerce websites. If you are looking for maximum web hosting performance but are not keen to invest in a dedicated server, Webcentral’s VPS plans will suit your needs.

Webcentral Offers the Best of Both Shared & Dedicated Server Environments

best web hosting in Australia

A website is vital for any business owner. It acts as a shopfront for online customers, a business card, and for many Australian companies, the main source of revenue online. Regardless of whether you need cPanel hosting, managed WordPress hosting, or a dedicated virtual server such as VPS hosting, Webcentral has your back.

We cater to Australian businesses across the country and also provide other digital services to help local businesses achieve their best results online. Register for a free web hosting trial or speak to us to learn more about our hosting products today.

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