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Written on 09 February, 2016 by Verity Meagher
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Your website is an important part of your business and its growth. Done properly, it can help you become bigger and more successful. Done poorly, you’ll find it a constant source of headaches and problems that hold you back or cause permanent damage to your reputation.

Flexibility lets you expand

When you’re first starting out, you generally want to limit your expenses as much as possible. Even though your business may expand soon, in the early days you don’t want to be paying for the hosting needs of a larger company. On the other hand, you don’t want to be stuck with limited bandwidth and hosting capabilities when you need more, as this can hinder your company’s growth. Having the option to scale your hosting as you grow is vital, but it’s an option that not all web hosting companies offer.

Top technical support

For many companies their website will be their best salesperson and marketing tool. If your website does go down – though ideally it never should – you need to know your hosting company has the skills and resources to get it back up and running as soon as possible, even if it’s 2am on a Sunday morning.

High security

All too often we see news of businesses that have had their sites hacked, and this doesn’t just happen to large corporations. At best it sees your site go down for a while, meaning you potentially lose business. However, at worst your site will be filled with malware that infects your customers’ electronics, your private data will be leaked and your reputation will be tarnished.

How to recognise a good host

It may seem like many hosting companies offer the same – or very similar – products. So how do you choose? There are a number of ways to judge a company, and looking at awards, customer reviews, testimonials and case studies can all point you in the right direction.

Other things to consider include where your data will be hosted (the closer to home, the better), the opening hours of a company’s call centre (the internet never closes, so why should your provider?) and how advanced their technology is, particularly in regards to security.

A website is a vital part of every business these days, so it’s important your web host is as good as you are if you want to see your company grow.

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