How to Purchase a Domain Name that is Taken

Written on 29 May, 2022 by Melissa Toh
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You have a great business idea all ready to develop. It could change the world. It relies on occupying a digital space, and you have a great domain name in mind. You know it will stand out in the market. You complete your domain name search to see whether it’s available, and unfortunately, it’s already taken.


How to Own Your Preferred Domain Name

  1. Can you buy a domain name that’s already taken?
  2. How to find out who owns a domain?
  3. Can you permanently buy a domain name?
  4. Tips for buying a domain name


There’s no need to panic. Before you either abandon the business idea or look for that less-than-perfect domain name, read on to discover how to purchase a domain name from someone.


Can you buy a domain name that’s already taken?

You may be surprised to learn that you can buy a domain name that is taken. Many people offer domains for sale, and often it’s cheaper than you might expect. Some people make a living buying a domain that they will never actually use. They will purchase domain names that they believe are aligned with emerging trends or issues, hoping that these domains will be in demand in the future.

It’s possible to buy a domain directly from its owner or through a domain broker, a domain investor or a domain auction site. If you choose this option, ensure you understand how the transaction will work and how the domain will be transferred.

There are several domain aftermarket providers available. Check them out and read their reviews before you start trying to secure your preferred domain. The domain aftermarket often allows you to create an alert that will automatically send you an email whenever the domain name you are searching for becomes available.


How to find out who owns a domain?

It’s a requirement in Australia that all details relating to your domain registration are stored online in the public WHOIS registry. The same whois check, which determined that your chosen domain was not available, provides you with information about the domain’s current owner.

However, some customers purchase a domain name privacy service when registering their domain. This service means the registrars’ details are shown against that particular domain. They will handle the enquiry and pass it on to the domain registrant.

It may also be worth looking at the domain aftermarket mentioned above. Domain name resellers are businesses that provide domain name registration services to the public. The aftermarket providers are not registrars like Webcentral. They do not have direct access to the registry. They simply register domain names through an accredited registrar and hold them for on-selling.


Can you permanently buy a domain name?

Even though we traditionally refer to buying a domain, that is not technically correct. Nobody can buy a domain name permanently. A domain “purchaser” registers the domain. As long as they continue to pay renewal amounts (like a lease), they can continue to have sole use of that domain.

Registration renewals are required to ensure control over the domain is maintained. Domain renewal periods vary, with some domains renewed yearly and some registrants registering their domains for up to ten years.

A domain can be central to your business, so you must not lose control by overlooking renewal. We recommend an automatic renewal service to ensure your domain control is always maintained.


Tips for buying a domain name

Tips for buying a domain name 

Every day, thousands of domain names expire or are deleted from the registry, going back into the pool of available names for registration. A domain backorder service is perfect for those businesses seeking their ideal domain but with limited time to regularly check availability.

When you have purchased your ideal domain, it is essential to protect that domain. It’s not just about making sure you renew. If your business is booming, others will seek to trade on your success. They may purchase a similar domain, perhaps the same domain name with a different extension, or the same domain spelt differently. There are compelling reasons you should choose to bolster the strength of your brand by registering multiple domains.

There are many reasons that you should jealously guard your domain name. Read here to learn about some of those dangers.


Suppose you have a business idea that requires a specific domain name that is currently unavailable. In that case, there may be a way to purchase the right to register that domain in your business name. Knowing how to purchase a domain name from someone is not always straightforward.

If you need advice on how to buy an existing domain name or any other domain-related issues, contact us. We have a team of professional domain experts ready to help.

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