We’re Extending a Hand to Customers and Staff of Exa Web Solutions

Written on 24 February, 2016 by Nick Bell
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The digital marketing industry is extremely fast paced and competitive, which is why it’s distressing to hear reports that Exa Web Solutions has closed its doors and is letting go of 60 of their Australian employees.

As a result of this news, we’ve decided to provide as much assistance as possible to Exa customers and staff through honouring any existing service contracts for up to three months, and inviting former staff to come forward and explore employment opportunities here at Webcentral.

We know Exa has got some extremely talented employees, so we’re asking them to come forward and have a chat with us to we can determine their suitability. If they’re the right fit, we’d love to bring them on board.

My motivation to help out these businesses was reinforced when a former Exa client called us yesterday and told us how worried he was for the future of his business. This is what our business is all about – assisting these small businesses that are often family owned and run, to maximise their online presence and help them grow.

We constantly remind ourselves of this point every day, and it’s part of how we deliver such a high level of service.

The other part lies in how we manage our client campaigns, which always has been, and will always continue to be, in-house. We have some of the best digital marketing minds right here in Australia, so we never outsource any of our work. Some might argue that this is a costly approach, but we believe it’s a worthy investment.

This approach has seen us earn recognition as Australia’s largest in-house SEO team, where every team member tailors their services to best suit their client. Such is our success that we’ve executed more than 4000 effective digital marketing campaigns, and we continue to welcome new clients every day. We’ve also been able to develop custom-designed software and tools that have been built through intensive research and a spend of over $2 million. All of these achievements and innovations just wouldn’t be possible if we outsourced our work to India or Thailand.

So if you’re a former client or employee of Exa, or you’re just a small business seeking some digital marketing assistance, then get in touch with us today. There’ll always be someone available to assist you.

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