What is Domain Contention?

Written on 21 October, 2022 by Rida Virk
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It is vital to apply for your preferred domain name as soon as possible because another party can claim it before you have a chance to do so, or you could be caught up in a domain contention situation.

In a small number of cases there are .au direct domain names that remain subject to priority hold. These names remain unallocated as there are active ‘category 1’ priority applications from multiple, eligible registrants. In such a case, domain contention comes into play and your preferred domain name is now being contested between you and many other parties.

In these instances, the .au direct name will only be allocated either by agreement between the parties, or when there is only one active application remaining. It is important to note, however, domain contention cannot go on indefinitely but rather has a particular cut off date after which they must reach a resolution.

How to Resolve the Allocation of a Contested .au Name

The priority applicants will need to negotiate between themselves to determine who will be allocated the .au direct domain name they have applied for. Applicants will be able to contact each other via the publicly available registrant contact email address found in WHOIS.

The priority status tool can be used to see which registrants have an active application for a .au direct domain name that remains on priority hold. Through this, you can determine whether to move forward with applying for your specific .au direct domain name or if you prefer to decide on another one with more availability. Domain contention can extend the time of when you could potentially claim the .au domain name you might want to possess.

When an Agreement is Reached:

  • The existing parties will withdraw their applications from domain name contention.
  • The name is allocated to the registrant with the only one active priority application remaining.
  • The licence will be applied for an initial one-year licence term after resolution.

When no Agreement is Reached:

  • The .au direct domain name will continue to remain subject to priority hold.
  • The name will remain on priority hold until a resolution between parties is reached or if there is only one active application remaining.

Applicants will need to renew their application on a yearly basis if they wish to remain in domain contention of the .au direct domain name. Every contention comes with a cut-off date after which a decision must be made for any party to be to claim the domain name. Moreover, it is crucial to note that withdrawing an active application is final and cannot be reversed.

For any questions and concerns you might have surrounding a domain contention situation, our customer representatives are well-versed and trained to assist you along in such matters. Our team can also help you secure the best .au domain name for your business. Get in touch with us at 1300 638 734 or shoot us an enquiry to secure your preferred .au domain name!

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