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When you register a domain name with any provider, your details (name, address, email and phone number) are automatically added to a public WHOIS directory. This is a regulatory requirement for anyone who registers their domain. With Domain Privacy you can hide your personal information from public view, protecting you from spammers, data miners and marketers to reduce unsolicited phone calls and emails.

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Remain anonymous on the WHOIS database

Remain anonymous on the WHOIS database

Anyone can perform a WHOIS lookup on most domains. Domain Privacy hides your personal contact information from public view, replacing it with the privacy service details as a proxy. This keeps your personal information private and protects it from being shared to the public.

Prevent domain-related spam

Prevent domain-related spam

Spammers, data miners and marketers often use the public directory to extract private details, like your name, address, phone number and email. Domain Privacy masks the contact information you submitted with your domain registration, minimising unsolicited calls and emails from people using the public directory.

Domain privacy management

Domain privacy management

Domain Privacy is easy to manage through your Webcentral account after purchase. You can turn the protection service on or off at any time, so you have complete control over when your information is public and when it’s private.

Note: Those who are a resident in the EU will be covered by the GDPR and will not need Domain Privacy.

Domain Privacy Protection for your Domain ID

Take a look at the example below. To the left, a typical, publicly-available WHOIS registration.
To the right, a secure WHOIS registration, with protection from the Domain Privacy service.

Domain Privacy Protection for your Domain ID

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Frequently Asked Questions

Domain privacy masks your name and business details preventing you from receiving unsolicited spam.

With domain privacy services, we will list our details on the WHOIS directory to restrict any public access to your name, company name, phone number, home or business address and email.

This is a simple one-step click to enable the service.