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It’s a requirement in Australia and most places across the globe, that all details relating to the registration of your domain are stored online in the public WHOIS registry. When you register a domain, your details are automatically listed in the registry, unless you opt for Domain Privacy.

This registration requirement makes domain ownership transparent, enabling anyone to check the registry and contact the owner of a domain directly, no matter where they are in the world. If you want to know who owns any single .au domain name, you can check the WHOIS directory simply via the portal below. View the auDA Whois Policy.

Australian Lookup domain name WHOIS registry online

Need the details of a .au domain? We provide a simple, easy-access search tool for our customers and visitors. Using this tool, you can search the details of all Australian domain names. Simply type the name of the domain you want to check with the domain extension and click ‘search’ to find out the owner and their best contact email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WHOIS is a database of every single domain name in the world. The WHOIS database lists all domain TLD’s and the details of the registrant. The database is free to browsers who want to check if a domain name is registered or has not been registered.

This is determined by the number of details the registrant provides. Typically, the details include the registrants’ name, company name, ABN and tech contact email.

One simple step is to check the WHOIS lookup database which lists all the registered domain names globally. From this database you will be able to determine whether a domain has been registered or not.

IP WHOIS lookup is a search tool that enables you to enter an IP address to determine who owns the IP address.

Yes, the WHOIS lookup tool is free and available to do searches for availability and ownership of a domain name.