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With over 1.2 billion active users, Facebook is a powerful way to engage potential customers. Facebook’s advanced targeting options ensure your marketing spend is working to secure quality leads and driving brand awareness. Advertisements can be micro-targeted by:

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Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

  • Reach a specific audience using advanced targeting features.
  • Easily track how many people are viewing and engaging with each advertisement.
  • Engage users on mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.
  • Strengthen brand awareness.
  • Increase traffic through to your website.

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Frequently asked questions

Business can promote their products and services on Facebook to target specific demographics. These ads can be in the format of video, image.

With three audience selection methods, you may further target your ad distribution. Core audiences define an audience based on age, interests, region, and other factors. Custom audiences reconnect with people who have interacted with your company, whether online or offline.

Yes you can. If you have an Instagram account, then connecting your Facebook Ads with Instragram is a seamless exercise.

Facebook Ads Manager has 11 types of campaign promotions depending on your business objectives. You can choose brand awareness, lead generation or App downloads to name a few. Each has their own goal dependent on the needs of your business.

  1. Company Brand Awareness: Introduce your company to a new group of people.
  2. Target Audience Reach: Expose your ad to as many individuals as possible in your target market.
  3. Traffic Direction: Send someone to a specified website, app, or Facebook Messenger discussion.
  4. Engagement: Enhance the amount of post engagements or Page followers, increase event attendance, or encourage individuals to claim a special offer by reaching out to a large audience.
  5. App installs and downloads: Encourage consumers to download your app.
  6. Video Views and Plays: Increase the number of people who see your videos.
  7. Lead Generation Funnels: Increase the number of people who enter your sales funnel.
  8. Facebook Messenger Messages: Encourage individuals to use Facebook Messenger to contact your company
  9. Conversions and Call To Actions: Encourage visitors to perform a certain action on your website, such as subscribing to your mailing list, or purchasing your goods, or using your app or Facebook Messenger to do so.
  10. Product Catalog Sales: Connect your Facebook advertisements to your product catalogue to show consumers adverts for the items they’re most likely to purchase.
  11. Store and Shop Traffic: Encourage neighbouring customers to visit physical shops and stores.