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Looking to switch website hosting providers but don’t know where to start?  Welcome to Webcentral! We’re proud to offer top-notch customer support and unbeatable website hosting solutions tailored just for you.  And the best news, we will do it all for you, no heavy lifting or migration skills required!

FREE cPanel to cPanel inclusions

  • Yes Complete Primary Website Migration

  • Yes Email Accounts and Databases Included

  • Yes SSL Setup for Secure Browsing

  • Yes Access to How-To Guides for Email Setup on Mobile and Outlook

  • Yes Transfer at an agreed time to minimise any Downtime

  • Yes Expert Support Every Step of the Way

Moving from a different platform to our Website Hosting?

Open Source Websites

Open Source Websites

These are websites built using open-source languages, giving you full access to the code. You can easily move these websites to any hosting provider.

Examples include WordPress, PHP, HTML, and more.

We can seamlessly transfer these websites to our hosting.

Proprietary Software Websites

Proprietary Software Websites

These are websites where you pay a monthly fee to use the platform. You do not own the code and are not responsible for maintaining the platform.

Examples include Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Havealook, Microsoft ASPX, and more.

We cannot move these websites to our hosting. If it’s time to move away from these platforms, you’ll need to have a new website built in an open-source environment. If your website is older than 3 years, we recommend it is time to begin looking at a new one.

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Why Transfer to Webcentral

Frequently Asked Questions

Transferring your website is easy! When you purchase a 1-year hosting plan, we offer a free migration service. Just call our Customer Care team to get started!

Our free website transfer covers your primary website. Subdomains and addon domains are not guaranteed to be moved. If you have specific requirements, please discuss them with us prior to the transfer.

We don’t update or fix website code or compatibility issues. This task is best handled by the person who built your website or a new website developer.

Our free website transfer service is for cPanel to cPanel migrations only. For other types of website hosting platform please contact our Customer Care team to explore your options.

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