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Effortlessly build a booming ecommerce store, craft a captivating blog, or create a feature rich website that propels your business growth, fosters your community, and grows with you.

Harness the remarkable power of DIY WordPress and effortlessly turn your digital dreams into reality.

Beautiful DIY WordPress out of the box layouts

Get up and growing for less, with DIY WordPress.

Unleash the power of the AI wizard, and watch your idea grow

Welcome to the future of website creation! Our DIY WordPress solution is equipped with an AI wizard to help you create a punchy, powerful, customised website in minutes, not months.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a first-time website owner, you’ll enjoy our intuitive AI website creation process. Our onboarding wizard generates you a website tailored to your goals and pre-filled with industry specific content and stunning visuals, providing a seamless and enjoyable website-building experience.

Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional website design and hello to a world where creativity and technology merge to bring your digital dreams to life.

How our AI wizard generates you a tailored website in minutes

Bring your digital dreams to life in minutes, not months. Our DIY WordPress solution comes with a wizard to help you create a punchy, powerful website.

With the wizard, you can build a custom site that’s tailored to your industry and your growth goals in a few simple steps.

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Connecting your domain to your WordPress hosting – 0 – 49 sec
Installing your DIY WordPress builder – 49 sec – 1 min 13 sec
Building your website with our AI wizard – 1 min 14 sec – end

Choose your industry

Choose your industry

Choose from the extensive list of industries so the wizard can begin tailoring your website content and images, you can always select layouts from different industries later!

Choose your site objectives

Choose your site objectives

Select what you want to achieve with your new site, so the wizard can tailor your website pages, you can always download new plugins for more site capabilities later!

Choose your design

Choose your design

Choose from 20+ designs for your site to start customising the look of your website, you can always change this later, including custom fonts and colour schemes!

Choose your website pages

Choose your website pages

Select from a list of pages tailored to your industry and site objectives, you can always add more later using any of the modules from any industry, as well as custom sections!

Manage everything from 1 dashboard

Manage everything from 1 dashboard

Your site is loaded directly into WordPress and ready to view and edit all from one easy-to-use dashboard accessible from any device, edit your plugins, colours, fonts, or pages with ease, or start again with the click of a button!

Generate your website with AI in minutes

Within minutes you can harness our onboarding wizard to generate you a unique and industry specific website pre-filled with content and stunning images.

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