Benefits of a Local .Sydney or .Melbourne Domain Name

Written on 06 March, 2022 by Iona Yeung
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With more than 3.05 million registered website domains in Australia, it is clear that this domain name is the go-to one for most Australian businesses (auDA Quarterly Report 2021-Q3).  It may be a popular option for Australian companies, but if you have a local business in Sydney or Melbourne, you may want to consider a .sydney or .melbourne domain instead, or as well.


6 Reasons to Choose a .Sydney or .Melbourne Domain

  1. Register the domain name you want
  2. Enhance your local brand
  3. Improve your SEO ranking
  4. Lower your ad spend
  5. Create memorable URLs
  6. Improve trust and security


Only 36 countries worldwide have cities with city-based domain names.  In Australia, we have two. So, when you buy a domain name in Australia, a local domain might be right for your business. Here are six reasons to choose a local domain.

 1. Local domains can help you find the domain name you want

You’ve completed a domain name registration lookup, and you have checked out cheap domain names in Australia, and the domain name that works for your business is unavailable. But by registering a .melbourne or .sydney domain, you may be able to register the exact name you need. This means your domain can be more memorable and focused. A concise domain will be easier to remember and will reinforce both your business name and the location of your business.

2. Local domains can enhance your local brand

If your business is in Sydney or Melbourne, you should do a Sydney domain name search or check Melbourne domain name availability.  In the same way that the recently launched .au domain reinforces a domain’s strong affinity with Australia, a .sydney or .melbourne domain defines your local presence even more narrowly, strengthening your brand. Certain business types will find more success with a local domain. Builders, plumbers, local shop owners and professional services providers should include a local domain when buying a domain name in Australia.

Today, people are highly conscious of their purchase decisions’ cultural and societal impact on the environment and the economy.  With a local domain, you can instil a sense of satisfaction in your customers that they are investing in a local business. This can do wonders for your brand image and, with a nod to the classic ‘Australian owned and run’ catchphrase in your content, you can build advocacy amongst your users.

3. Local domains can improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) rankings

local domains can improve your seo


Google’s algorithms are constantly changing, but one thing never changes – Google will always serve the most relevant results to its customers.  Our domain extension plays a role in telling search engines where your content will be most relevant. If you have a basic TLD, like .com, you will be considered in searches globally. This is great for businesses with a worldwide audience but may not be so helpful if you only operate in Sydney.

If someone searches for ‘plumbers in Sydney’, Google will prioritise Sydney suppliers. Having a local domain helps Google recognises your business as a local supplier.

4. Local domains can lower your ad spend

Just as a local domain name can help your SEO efforts, it can also benefit when it comes to pay-per-click advertising. Pay-per-click only charges advertisers  for the number of times your ad has reached your target audience. What you pay per ‘impression’  is determined by the relevance and value of your ads. This metric is called a Quality Score. A local domain can improve your Quality Score and increase your advertising ROI (return on investment).

A recent case study showed that migrating a website to a local domain can reduce your cost in PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, meaning more leads and sales without increasing budgets. The case study showed that the .melbourne domain improved the business’ quality score, which helped lower costs.

5. Local domains can help create memorable URLs

Website domains have always served a practical function, but they also have branding benefits. Removing unnecessary information in a domain name means web addresses under .melbourne and .sydney will become more memorable and relevant to consumers.  You no longer need to include .com, .net, or hyphens in your web address calls to action in advertisements, leading to improved message recall and increased engagement with your audience.

6. Local domains can improve trust and security

local domains can improve trust and security


Internet users have little insight into where a .com-based business is physically located or who is behind the website. The website could hail from anywhere in the world. However, because only verified local companies can obtain a .sydney or .melbourne domain, Internet users can feel confident they’re dealing with genuine and trusted entities.

Already have an existing domain?  That’s fine too.

Registering a new .sydney or .melbourne domain name does not mean you have to stop using your existing .com or domain name. You can use the domain name to set up a redirect, so if anyone goes to ‘’, they’ll be automatically forwarded to ‘’ – and, at Webcentral,  the redirect is available free of charge.

You may even choose to use a local domain alongside the new .au domain extension, launched in Australia in 2022.  It’s shorter, easier to remember and very Australian.

Creating your new local and unique URL with Webcentral  is quick, easy and affordable. Check if your .sydney domain name or .melbourne domain name is available today.

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