Benefits of Using WordPress for Web Design

Written on 12 April, 2022 by Melissa Toh
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Put simply, WordPress is an open source tool for building websites. It has grown to become one of the world’s most popular website publishing platforms, providing a flexible back-end framework that allows people to build and maintain websites without being technical experts or web developers.

It is offered as a hosted application (where you sign up via, or for a more custom solution, you can download and run your own installation on your own domain name and hosting package, giving you the power to take control of your online presence. Below we take a look at some of the reasons why so many people are turning to WordPress when building their website.

It is easy to use

  • One click install:

Most hosting companies will offer a single-click installation of WordPress with our shared hosting packages. It takes seconds to set up, with no technical skills required.

  • Self-manage:

WordPress has an intuitive interface. It is easy to add new pages, blog posts and images to a website through a web browser and without the need for special web authoring tools or coding knowledge.


wordpress has flexible design options

It has flexible design options

  • Layout control:

Through the admin panel you can control the layout of your page, including where widgets and plugins are placed on your pages, so the site looks just the way you want it. You can have different layouts on different pages – your only limit is your imagination.

  • Themes:

You can search and install new themes directly from the admin panel, then edit online to get the look you need. For something a little more custom, engage a designer or purchase a pre-built premium theme to customise your website so your brand can shine through in the online space and create a unique experience for your visitors.

  • Widgets:

You can install widgets that link to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, widgets that show post/page popularity or tag-clouds, calendar widgets. There are literally thousands of tools available to help customise the website experience for your users.

It can scale and grow with you

  • Extra pages:

Adding extra pages can be done in seconds via the admin panel. Pages can be password protected or set to publish in the future (good for if you want to work on it for a few days before going live). Pages can be easily added to your navigation menus, or linked from sidebars to optimise your website flow to ensure your visitors have the best possible experience.

  • Plugins:

Add an online store with WooCommerce? A flash banner or photo gallery? Perhaps a forum or community? Plugins are add-ons that you can incorporate into your WordPress website. With 8,000+ plugins available your only limit will be your imagination.

  • Users & members:

If you want to create additional admin users to help you manage the site or post articles, you can do this easily via the admin interface. You can also restrict their permissions so they can only perform certain actions. You can also have website members who log in to access or view certain information. There is a lot of flexibility available – you just need to decide how to use it.


wordpress is seo search engine optimisation compatible

It is built with SEO compatibility in mind

  • Clean codebase:

WordPress code is clean, helping page load times and server use. It also allows for permalinks, tagging, comments and a host of other SEO-friendly functions, to help your website get found.

  • SEO plugins:

Here are many SEO-related plugins to help optimise and improve the search results for your website.

Because of the popularity of both WordPress and SEO, there is a huge library of information available that explain and provide advice on optimising a WordPress website for SEO purposes.

It has a large online user community and is easy to maintain

  • Ongoing development:

WordPress is constantly being updated and improved, to provide new features and make the most of new technology and to ensure that it remains a safe and secure platform that continues to meet the needs of millions of users worldwide.

  • Easy to update:When updates are available you will receive a notice in the admin panel, and can easily upgrade online with just a few clicks. Maintaining the website will ensure that it remains safe and secure from vulnerabilities and hacking.
  • Support resources:With such a large user community, there are a huge amount of online help resources available. WordPress have their own help pages including forums, FAQs and more.

With instant access to WordPress creating your own professional looking website has never been so easy with any of our Cloud hosting services.


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