Build Direct Links with Customers via Facebook Messenger Ads

Written on 24 October, 2016 by Vivian Nguyen
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Want a way for potential customers to message you directly to your inbox through their feed? Facebook has created a solution!

We marketeers can now construct news feed ads with Messenger as the destination. All clicks on these ads will instantly open up a Messenger thread with a copy of the ad or configurable structured message. Check it out:

This is a pretty nifty tool for starting a conversation with leads while showcasing a customised message (with a sneaky offer). Users will not have to leave the Facebook platform at all, so you can avoid that dreaded high bounce rate. You’ll be able to speak directly to customers on a more personal level, building their trust while minimising buyer’s remorse.

How does it work?

When people start a new thread with your “bot” in the messenger app, they’ll be greeted with a welcome screen which you can customise to include expected response times, page information and page categories. One of the best elements about all of this is that you’ll be able to share the “bot” with your friends! Using the “share” option in Messenger, you’ll be able to send a link to the bot directly to your friends so that they can start an instant conversation too.

But wait, there’s more…

Currently, Facebook is rolling out a tool for retailers to sell their products directly through Facebook Messenger – say whaaaat? Yes, you heard correctly. Payments are integrated into messages, making it easier for customers to shop and buy items without leaving the app at all.

Unfortunately, this is only available in the United States right now (c’mon Facebook, give us Aussies a go), but will be expected to roll out more broadly by the end of the year.

Social media or e-commerce? Why not both!

This is all in addition to the social media giant’s latest feature, Facebook Marketplace. Rather than being constructed for the purpose of established businesses, this clever tool is the perfect platform for small traders and those looking to make some extra dosh from their secondhand goods to advertise their products and/or services.

The steady stream of these new features perfectly illustrates the increasing crossover between social media and e-commerce in a world that is so heavily digitally-saturated. Leading the way in social networks, Facebook continues to evolve and expand its platform to create new ways for businesses to reach customers. There are endless opportunities for you to capitalise on from this amazing channel, so what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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