4 tips for nailing customer communication during a crisis

Written on 21 May, 2020 by Julia Hammond
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Tightly linked to our previous blog on user experience, or UX, is customer service. It’s something that can be difficult to get right in a crisis, however there is no denying it is critical for customer retention.

During times of crisis it can be hard as a small business owner to handle the mounting, often hostile, requests received from customers. Especially when you may also be as anxious as them about the current COVID-19 situation. So, keeping this in mind, here are four key actions you can take on board to help guarantee your success:

1. Pay close attention to feedback

If a customer goes out of their way to share their opinion on your product, service offering or even something as simple as your site aesthetic, take it on board and acknowledge their comment. When customers feel like they are being listened to, or even receive a simple like on their social media comment, they will be more comfortable investing in your product or service.

2. Mind you P’s and Q’s

When communicating with customers during a crisis, it’s important to be careful what language you use and your tone. You want to ensure your tone is reflective of your brand, and your language is consistent while else ensuring your customers feel supported. Understanding and empathy are your greatest tools during times of uncertainty, so make sure you keep this in mind when developing all brand communications.

3. Treat all customers the same

Repeat customers and referrals are an asset to your business.  Some customers visit you once a year, some only once at all and some interact daily on your social media channels, but it is critical each one gets the same level of service. It is not worth the risk of providing inconsistent advice when you don’t know them all individually, especially during times of crisis when people tend to be more sensitive to how they interact with other people and brands.

4. Don’t over promise and under deliver

During times of crisis, when you are likely running at a million miles an hour, it’s easy to commit to deadlines and deliverables to get people off your back, even if you know you can’t meet them. Rather than taking the risk with your business’ reputation, speak to your customers honestly and let them know there will be shipping delays, or there may be a delay packing and distributing their order. You don’t have to over-justify why; all you have to do is be clear and set the expectation early to ensure people aren’t disappointed.

The takeaways

The effect of a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic on small businesses will likely last long after it’s fallen out of the news headlines. The more you prepare when it becomes apparent the crisis will impact your business, the better off you will be and the more consistent your service will become.

Above all, and when executing these tips, stay calm. You have no doubt worked hard to get your business to the point it is in today, so keeping a level head will enable you to make smarter decisions that ensure longevity of your business, long after COVID-19 is forgotten.

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