How to create an effective email marketing campaign

Written on 10 October, 2013 by Karen Lim-Sam
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Email marketing is a cost-effective way to engage with your customers and build a brand following, but to do it right is a bit of an art form. Our guide shows you everything you need to create an effective email marketing campaign that generates results.

A good email marketing provider

The right email provider will do more than just supply the emailing software – they’ll make sure you don’t end up directly in the spam bin. Sending your mass mail through a proper email provider gives your newsletter legitimacy and the provider’s existing relationships will help ensure your email doesn’t get marked as spam.

An enticing subject

The first thing your recipients see is the subject line, so this is the single most crucial thing to get right in your email marketing campaign. Make your subject is interesting and enticing to ensure people will open your email, but get it wrong and all the hard work you put into the content will go straight to the trash.

It’s important to remember that you should avoid spammy words and phrases like “call now”, “urgent” and “guarantee”. Put the benefits of what you’re offering right in the subject line, telling the recipient why they should open the email.

A friendly ‘from’ address

Make your ‘from’ address something human, rather than “[email protected]” as these types of addresses put readers in mind of automated systems, and may cause them to delete your email as opposed to opening it.

High quality, relevant copy

If you can’t write high quality content that’s relevant to the people on your list, pay someone who can. All the tricks in the world will not avail you if the actual content of your email is amateurish, irrelevant or unreadable. Employ a good copywriter and make your email content something worth reading.


Before you send your first email, make sure you have tracking in place – this is an important element for every email marketing campaign you send. Look into solutions offered by Google, that will let you track the number of people who open the email.  By using click-tracking URLs, you will also get statistics on people who clicked on your links. These statistics are vital to your ongoing campaign and can help you refine future email marketing campaigns.


Send your first email, pay close attention to the statistics of opens, clicks and conversions, and refine your efforts each time. It may take a few attempts to hit on the right combination of triggers for your audience, but eventually your work will be rewarded with higher engagement rates and ultimately better sales.

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