Effective Email Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Written on 16 December, 2021 by Melissa Toh
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effective email marketing strategies & tips for your business

You’ve crafted the perfect email campaign, and you’ve sent it to all your subscribers. Why then are you still not achieving your email marketing goals?

If your subscribers are not opening your emails, or worse, unsubscribing from your mailing list, it’s time to rethink your email marketing campaign strategy. There are a few things you should consider straight away to improve your performance.


How to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

  1. Send emails at a better time
  2. Write a compelling subject line
  3. Develop engaging content
  4. Use a strong call to action


Possible reasons your emails are ineffective

You piece your email campaigns together without thinking; you send them any old time. People do not appreciate the emails, and you are not benefiting as a business.
Most people receive enough business-related emails to fill their day. Most promotional email marketing arrives at the wrong time and is unexciting, uninteresting and even irrelevant.

Before you abandon email marketing, you could easily send compelling, enticing, readable, shareable, clickable email campaigns by considering the below few factors.

1. Send emails at a better time

Factor one of an effective email marketing campaign is timing. Find the perfect time to send your email. The optimum time to send your email campaigns depends heavily on the product or service you are offering. It depends on the type of information contained in the email and the demographic of the target audience. Why not do some email segmentation and break your email marketing campaign into subsets so that you can discover the best performing time-slot for your email communications. Testing like this enables you to fine-tune your email campaign strategy as you go.

Common sense will also tell you that if your service is for personal use, it is more likely to be opened early in the morning or after work hours. B2B offerings are more likely to be taken seriously during work hours. Please stay away from Monday and Friday delivery for B2B emails as often these are when people are more likely to be out of the office or busily trying to start or finish their workweek.

Think hard about the product you are offering, when and who uses the product and when they are most likely in the headspace to open, read and action the content of your email.

2. Write a compelling subject line

email marketing campaigns need compelling subject lines

How many times a day do you receive a newsletter or marketing email from a company and delete it before opening? Your job is to ensure that your email is opened. It must be opened before readers can discover your information or a great offer. It doesn’t matter how exciting that content is. If it’s not opened, you have failed.

Create an attention-grabbing subject line – this is the make or breakpoint. The subject line will drive the reader’s decision to open, read or delete the email. Create your subject line content with your readers in mind. A great way to boost your email marketing open rate is to let them know you understand their challenges and the problems they need to solve. A subject line is short, so do not waste it on superfluous words that do not talk directly to the customer’s needs.

Many effective email campaigns utilise an A/B version of the subject line to test which approach is more effective in getting emails opened. If you have a regular email campaign with similar emails being distributed this may be an effective tool in fine-tuning your subject line approach.

3. Develop engaging content

If your emails are not eye-catching, interesting and informative, subscribers will simply add them to the hordes of marketing emails they receive which usually end up in their deleted folder. When composing your next email, make sure you:

  • Create relevant content – you need to keep your customers reading. Tell them something helpful, whether it be informative or educational.
  • If you have nothing to say, do not click send. You want your recipients to know that every email from you is filled with fresh news.
  • Know your audience – as you develop content, imagine you are receiving the email. Do they want to read a long list of technical features? Do they just need a solution to their problems? Understanding what your customers are looking for will help you create more relevant emails for them.
  • Don’t use the entire email to sell. Blatant selling emails look and feel like spam, and spam belongs in the trash.

4. Use a strong call to action

email marketing strategy uses strong call to action cta

Once your email is opened, and you have grabbed the reader’s attention with engaging content, you need them to take action, click a link, download a file or fill in a form. You need to have a strong, relevant call to action (CTA) to do this.

If your email CTA is ultimately not relevant to the email content, readers will not want to find out more. A clear path from exciting, useful content to a bold call to action is required – clearly position your product as the solution to achieve the goals outlined in the email content.

Make it clear what you want them to do. Do not bury your CTA in your copy, making it difficult for readers to respond.

An effective email marketing campaign results in more leads

Sending email marketing campaigns can be one of the most effective digital marketing strategies available. Keeping current customers happy and your business front-of-mind is vital to continued brand loyalty and boosting business revenue.

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