Important Features of a Great Website Builder

Written on 13 January, 2022 by Melissa Toh
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important features of a great website builder

Not everyone has the funds to invest in a team of designers and back-end coders to create a customised website.  But every business, however small, needs a website.  Today many website builder platforms offer you an easy pathway to create your website.  But what are the features of the best website builders that matter when you are ready to build your website?

Must-haves features in your new website builder


What are the factors that makes a website great? Truth is, there are many important considerations when designing a website. And there are many features that you should look for when deciding on your website creator. The following are a list of website builder service features that are most important in this day and age:

Responsive design

create your own website with responsive design

Responsive design uses just one layout for a web page and “responsively” adjusts to fit the user’s screen better, whether it’s a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone.  The best website builder software uses media queries to target breakpoints that scale images, wrap text, and adjust the layout so the site can fit any screen size.

Easy to use and fast to launch

One of the biggest traps in selecting a website builder is choosing a web builder based on cost alone.  Beware of cheap website builders! There is no point in starting a website that you cannot finish because you don’t have the time, cannot get the support you need, or do not have the skills.  Consider selecting a website builder that is easy to use, supported with clear directions, and that can get your website launched in good time.

High-grade website security

Your website must protect your data and your customers’ information, particularly when offering online sales. Make sure you look for a web builder that protects your website with SSL certificates. Read here to learn more about the importance of SSL certificates.

Customisable website design

Your brand is unique. When you build your website, you must reinforce your brand’s point of difference. Ensure your brand tone and style is clearly communicated and use your logo colours. Make sure your site builder offers the capacity to customise your website with your logo, colours and images that best represent your brand.

Search engine friendly

Once you have built your website, you will need to know that your customers and prospects can find it easily. You want your website to appear early in Google’s search results. Look for a business website builder that provides title tags and meta descriptions for every page. These will boost your search engine optimisation (SEO) ranking. The web page builder design can also impact the SEO effectiveness of your website. Make sure the website builder you use creates search engine friendly designs.

Local web hosting

local web hosting website builder for small business

Once you have your website built, it will be necessary to host it on a server. A server holds all the files that comprise your website; it is the physical space where your website “lives”. Once your website is published, you want it to be accessible 24/7. We would recommend selecting web hosting that is Australian owned and operated to ensure that you achieve the consistency of service your customers deserve.


Today business is good, but tomorrow it may be even better. You do not want to undertake a complete rebuild of your website as your business grows. Search out a website creator for business that can grow and develop with your business. You may begin with a starter package and then scale up as your business needs demand.

Website builder free – is it possible?

It is possible to create a website for free. But even the best free website builder will not adequately address the features you will need to build a website that best supports your business, today and tomorrow. Building a website is an investment in your business. Increasingly, websites have become the central hub for companies in terms of sales and communications.

DIY website design has never been so easy

Select the right website builder, and you can build your own website in a few simple steps. Choose a template, customise it with your own photos, logo, and copy, and you’re ready to go live. We have a team of experts who specialise in helping Australian businesses build their own websites if you need support.

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