Five reasons to launch an email marketing campaign

Written on 14 August, 2013 by Uyen Vu
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Email marketing is everywhere, and just about anyone connected to the internet has received at least one campaign in their inbox. So is it of any use to your business? Here are five reasons you should consider launching an email campaign and make it a primary part of your marketing efforts.

1. Affordability and ease

Sending emails is cheap and simple to do. With the right software or provider, you can send elegant and well-formatted content to your customers and prospects with no more effort than it takes to type it up. The reach and engagement this offers makes email marketing a compelling alternative to marketing dollars spent elsewhere.

2. Web traffic and repeat visitors

Emails generate more traffic to your website and bring people back to view new information. This keeps your customers in the loop and streamlines your communication channels. Any time you have new content, offers or services available on your website, your email newsletter can be the primary method of bringing traffic to view it, and more traffic means greater engagement and ultimately more conversions.

3. Customer engagement

Through regular email content you can engage with your customers in a way your website alone cannot facilitate. Regular insight into your company and products helps build customer loyalty and keep your brand at the front of people’s minds. With the right options, email campaigns can generate sales, establish a channel for customer feedback and give you a greater presence in a customer’s daily online life. Tie it in to proper social media engagement and you’ll build customer loyalty as well as wider awareness of your products.

4. Legitimacy

Using an established service like Campaign Monitor can add legitimacy to your email campaigns. Generally these services will work to ensure that mails are delivered to all major ISPs and not marked as spam. They will also ensure a certain level of professional practice, giving you mechanisms for subscription management and further engagement. Having a regular email campaign through a trusted service means your emails get to the intended recipient in the right way and avoid the impression of spamming.

5. Authority and utility

When you provide regular insight into your business along with content that is useful to your customers and prospects, you build authority. The more people who see your company as authoritative in the industry you’re selling, the more they will come back to your website and promote it to others. Email campaigns are the perfect way to build this kind of rapport and provide hints and tips or useful article content that people will appreciate. The more useful your company is seen to be through the content it distributes, the more subscribers and ultimately the more sales you will generate.

Try an email marketing campaign today – it’s easy and cheap to establish and can bring significant benefits to your business and brand.

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