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Written on 10 March, 2022 by Melissa Toh
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First, let’s be clear, what was once called Google My Business is now called Google Business Profile. There are a lot of free tools that you can use in your business to improve your online presence, like Google Business Profile. What exactly is Google Business Profile? Do you even need it? Let’s find out.


My Business Account Guide – Google Business Profile

  1. What is Google Business Profile?
  2. What are the benefits of Google Business Profile?
  3. Who can use Google Busienss Profile?
  4. Who can update my Google Business Profile?


What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile (GBP) is a tool that lets you create a business profile to appear in Google search results and on maps. You can add details like your business name, phone number, opening hours, address, and photos. You can also see customer reviews of your business and respond directly to your customers. As an example, here’s what our GBP looks like.

google business profile of webcentral au

What are the benefits of Google Business Profile?

There are lots of benefits to creating a GBP, including:

Improve your local SEO:

Prospect searches that include suburb names or ‘near me’ are more likely to show your business. This means you can optimise your online website for search engine rankings just by setting up your GBP.

Important News

In 2022, a new domain will start to shape Australian small to medium business. The .au domain will provide businesses with a shorter easier to remember domain name.

Manage your online presence: 

You can take control of your online business profile and ensure that all details are correct and up to date.

Gathers and displays customer reviews:

Customers can quickly establish how your business is reviewed by other users, providing an easy to use platform for advocacy. These reviews also provide real-time business performance insights.

Respond directly to customers:

You can use GBP to respond to questions or reviews, managing your business reputation.

Learn about your customers: 

GBP insights tell you how customers searched for your business and where they came from – valuable insights for future business improvements.

Increase web traffic and sales:

Having a GBP can boost your sales performance and web traffic by providing SEO and customer testimonial support.

Free and easy to use:

GBP is a completely free tool. Like many other great Google tools, this one is free to encourage businesses to improve their listings, making for a better user experience.

Who can use Google Business Profile?

Any business with face-to-face customer interaction can set up a GMB profile. In other words, you cannot be an online-only business.

Who can update my Google Business Profile?

who can update my google business profile 

GBP listings are open to edits by the public, so it’s essential to keep an eye on your details.  Anyone can suggest an amendment to your listing.  Google typically sends a notification to the listing owner when updates are made. There’s also an app where you can check the details of your listing, but your ability to make updates on the app version is limited.

Can you share your listing?

If you want to share your listing with other employees or your digital marketing agency, like Webcentral, you can make them managers. To do this, claim your listing through your account, then add other users as managers. This will let them update your listing and post on your business’ behalf.

What to do if you get a bad review?

Everyone loves receiving positive feedback, but few of us like to respond to negative reviews. If you receive a negative review, you should react to it.  In many cases, customers place more stock on how you handle a negative review than instances of positive customer feedback. By responding promptly to a negative review, you show your customers that you take their feedback seriously and are constantly working to improve your service.

Google will not allow you to delete negative feedback, but it will let you flag fake reviews. Check Google’s Prohibited and Restricted Content policy for details on what classifies as an inappropriate or fake review. Once flagged, Google will get in touch with you to determine whether the review should be removed.

How do I get started?

There are many reasons you should consider getting your Google Business Profile organised.  To find out how to add or claim your Google Business Profile, click here.

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