Has There Been Another Mystery Algorithm Update

Written on 26 June, 2017 by Shounak Gupte
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SEO-spidey-sensors have been tingling globally since the 25/06/2017. Has there been an algorithm update? Many ranking-focused sources (such as SEOMOZ, SEMRush and Algaroo) are reporting seeing some major fluctuations in rankings since that day.

Like the last few ‘updates’, (like Fred) Google is staying ‘mum’ with only word from John Mueller (Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google) confirming on Twitter that, ‘Yep! We make updates all the time.’

Graphics from Search Engine Land

So far we have no noticed anything major across our client base and haven’t heard anything from other NZ-based SEO’s so like most other updates, time will tell on what ranking-factor was focused on (if any!).

For more chatter-based information, see:

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