Here’s How Facebook’s Creative Hub Will Make your Ads a Whole Lot Better

Written on 27 June, 2016 by Stefanie Kir
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In a move expected to improve the quality of mobile advertising, Facebook has announced the addition of Creative Hub, the social collaboration and design platform that will make marketers’ jobs a whole lot easier. The hub provides the tools marketers need to gain an edge over their competitors and attract even more sales than before.

Announced at the international advertising festival, Cannes Lions 2016, Creative Hub is going to be launched to address a pain point in the advertising space. Right now, there is no way for brands to merge their creative teams with a mobile-first outlook and produce quality results.

Mark D’Arcy, who works as Chief Creative Officer at Facebook, believes that the new product will position Facebook as a leader in mobile advertising, giving an edge to the social platform that no other company has been able to crack.

Enhance your collaboration and develop better apps with new tools

Linking in with Facebook and Instagram, the app will allow the streamlined creation of ads, as well as give a space for advertising teams to review, share and test their ads in a news feed-like environment, using advanced metrics such as demographics and search preferences.

People will be able to interact spontaneously and build apps together in real time. In a revolution in communication, Creative Hub will negate the need for multiple email, Slack and instant messaging services – they’ll be able to speak directly in the app and save time from design to launch. Being able to speak to each other in real time, creative teams will notice an increase in their workflows, becoming more efficient and launching even more ads than before.

They will also have access to exclusive case studies and tips on best practices that will allow them to optimise their ad campaigns in a way they haven’t been able to previously. Brands and individuals will be able to streamline their creative efforts and add more power to their campaigns.

As well as this, agencies will have access to a one-stop-shop for collaboration with clients who may be located in another part of the world.

Most importantly, creatives will be able to collaborate with each other on individual advertisements and ad groups; right now, they are unable to pool their creative efforts and bring in a group of experts, rather than delegating the entire ad creation process to a single person who is not a specialist in a single area.

A mobile-first approach to both creation and reception

Just like consumer-facing advertising is more mobile-friendly, the Creative Hub will allow designers and strategists to work from their handheld devices, too. The platform will allow for quick creation of ads, as well as nimble response to change, allowing creatives to stay on their toes and adapt their content to new markets on the fly.

Facebook’s VP of global marketing solutions, Carolyn Everson, said that a company that doesn’t embrace mobile advertising is at a competitive disadvantage.

It’s worth watching for how the platform will be used to suit advertisers’ needs and to see which features Facebook will release first.

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