How WME & Gymnastics Direct Paved a Path for Exponential Growth

Written on 23 July, 2020 by Julia Hammond
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The first few months of 2020 are not what most businesses would call ripe with opportunity, and yet our client Gymnastics Direct have experienced some of their best results with increases in audience reach, website visits and conversions across all channels.

Together, WME and Gymnastics Direct built a multi-channel marketing campaign which:

  • Targeted the right audiences and found the best channels to reach them
  • Created a multi-channel campaign that was adaptable for changes in consumer behaviour
  • Built a strong online presence through long-term marketing investment

Our Client: Gymnastics Direct

Gymnastics Direct are an Australian owned and operated online retailer specialising in gymnastics, cheerleading and fitness equipment. A family-owned business based in NSW, they supply quality equipment throughout the country. Their equipment has been used everywhere from high-class gym facilities to the humble family home to support the skills and development of young athletes.

What began as a family business venture grew into the most visited gymnastics website in Australia through a combination of excellent customer service, affordable pricing and smart digital marketing.

Setting the guidelines for success – an essential first step

Gymnastics Direct wanted to explore digital marketing avenues that allowed them to build their brand, stay competitive in their market and reach new audiences. They knew that as the online marketing space grew more competitive, their campaigns would need to grow smarter and more sophisticated. Since 2014, we’ve been collaborating on marketing solutions that drive their business goals forward.

“In this day and age digital marketing needs to be an integral part of any B2C business’ strategy. Unless you have the time, energy and capacity to learn all of that knowledge for yourself and to apply it, then there’s great value in finding an agency like WME that can implement those strategies.”

Grant Dodd – Director, Gymnastics Direct

Tailoring a 3-step strategy for success

Step 1: SEO

Step 2: Google Ads

Step 3: Facebook Ads

Most recently, we achieved an amazing 27x ROAS, meaning for every dollar of ad spend put in, 27x more have come back out. When online shopping unexpectedly increased due to COVID-19, Gymnastics Direct had an established online presence which only required minor updates to reap the benefits of this change in consumer behaviour.

The more experience we have with your business, the more opportunities arise for targeted campaigns. The long-term partnership between Gymnastics Direct and WME positioned them for success at a time when many industries are impacted by external forces.

With monthly reporting, our client was always part of the process, gaining visibility and trust that we are the right team to manage their brand. Having laid the foundations of a strong campaign, we continue to track and test new ideas that will see Gymnastic Direct’s business reach new heights.

That’s the difference long-term marketing can make to your business, and the difference between an agency who follow a formula and one who become an extensions of your business.

WME and Your Business: The Next Great Partnership

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WME vs The Industry: E-Commerce/Retail

We’re always working hard for our clients to achieve outstanding results. So, how do WME’s results compare with industry expectations?

All digital marketing strategies that WME provide are tailored to an individual business’ goals and as such, results are variable. Marketing performance may depend on a range of external factors and we cannot guarantee that the same results are repeatable across different campaigns.

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