Local Domain? How We Helped Oclinic With a .sydney Website

Written on 25 July, 2016 by Vincent Corneille
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Local Domain? How We Helped Oclinic With a .sydney Website

How do you raise search engine rankings when they just don’t want to budge? Today, we show you how we helped Oclinic rise to the top, simply by using a .sydney domain name.

Why go local?

If your business provides dedicated services in a specific area, a local domain name is for you. If you only optimise for ‘dental clinic’, this is not enough to draw in traffic from the right location – they might be coming from Melbourne, but you’re in Sydney.

Most often, we include local keywords, like ‘dental clinic Sydney’ that will instantly attract the right customers.

When our normal methods are not working though, we turn to location-based TLDs, which provide us the edge we need to skyrocket our clients’ rankings, giving them valuable results in their campaigns.

A location-based top-level domain (TLD) is a neat signal to Google of where you’re located. Just by registering .sydney domain name, you have an all-in-one solution that aids your branding, domain registration and SEO value.

We’ve seen some great results with the .sydney domain

Oclinic, a Sydney-based obesity clinic, came to us in March 2015 with a problem. They weren’t achieving the ranks they deserved and were becoming worried.

Naturally, we set to developing a strategy straight away, based on methods that usually achieve great results. We added location-based keywords to our campaigns, which can be as simple as including ‘obesity clinic Sydney’ instead of the vaguer ‘obesity clinic’.

Unfortunately, though, even after three months we weren’t seeing the results we wanted. No matter what we did, Oclinic’s rankings were impossible to move.

We decided to clean their domain up a little and add some backlinks to their portfolio, which saw a small rise in rankings. But then, when we introduced some more challenging keywords, their rankings stagnated again. We were confused but kept trying – we’re not for giving up, by any means!

Where we eventually found amazing results was when we implemented a .sydney TLD. We redirected all the traffic from Oclinic’s old domain onto oclinic.sydney and suddenly saw a massive increase in rankings for valuable keywords such as ‘gastric bypass Sydney’ and ‘Sydney obesity clinic’. In fact, they rank for 15/17 keywords – a fantastic result, if we do say so ourselves.

Simply by using a localised domain, Oclinic rose to the rankings they needed and couldn’t be happier.

If you would like to learn more about how a .sydney domain could help your business, get in touch with Webcentral, or to check domain availability, search via our handy registration page

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