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Written on 13 March, 2022 by Melissa Toh
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You would be surprised at how much some people are willing to pay for a domain name. A quick look at the most expensive domain names 2021 will demonstrate that fact. So, let’s drill down, consider the most expensive domain names list, and work out why.


Selling a Domain Name – How Much is it Worth?

  1. What are the most expensive domain names?
  2. What determines domain name value?
  3. How to increase the value of your existing domain?


It would also be great to understand what we can do to get our share. After all, we would all like to be domain name millionaires.

What are the most expensive domain names?

Not all domain name sales are made public, but some significant sales might surprise you. In 2005 a sale agreement was reached for, with a total value of US$90m. This sale is probably the most expensive name in the world.

In 2015, Tesla was finally able to secure the domain name, having relied upon until that time. The cost to secure that improved domain name: US$11m.

Some other big spend domain purchases include: – US$49.7m – US$35.6m – US$35m

What determines domain name value?

what determines domain name value


Even if you undertake a domain name search and find a likely contender, ultimately, that value depends on how much a buyer is willing to pay. However, several factors may influence domain name value:


The right top-level domain

The most expensive domain name extensions are .coms.

A .com TLD enables the company to more authoritatively position its business as global. It is also more likely that there will be more buyers in the market for a domain with that extension.


Short Length

Short domains are rarer, easier to remember and easier to use. Generally, the shorter the domain, the higher the domain value. Such as purchased for US$17m in 2015.


Easy to use accurately

Domain names were invented to make it easier for people to access websites, so it’s important that your domain is easily understood. Would users misspell it? Will it be remembered? Score poorly on these, and the perceived domain name value will diminish.


Correct spelling

Lower domain name values are associated with names that rely on symbols, hyphens or other tricks.  Replacing words like “to” with 2, or “you” with U, will see your domain regarded as less valuable.


Meaningful keywords

In-demand keywords will increase the value of domain names. There has to be a balance here; more keywords does not always mean more money. And trying to add more keywords into a domain name may make the domain name too long and difficult to remember or spell.


Brand worthy

A domain name should sound great. If the word sounds good and matches your sector, it may be valuable to others. Adding a whole range of keywords could simply create a domain name that looks, feels, and sounds awkward.


Domain history

An older domain name has had more time to be indexed and ranked by Google, making it better for SEO than a recently registered domain. When making that determination, it is also essential to do a thorough check to see if any black marks are associated with the domain, which may negatively impact its desirability.


Traffic performance

A domain that currently gets traffic will have a boosted domain name value. Pre-existing traffic will help the new domain owner with discoverability.

How to increase the value of your existing domain?

how to increase the value of your existing domain


You can build your current domain name value in three ways:


1. Host a successful website

The website associated with the domain name drives business and builds a brand following. If a website ranks well with Google and other search engines for industry keywords, its value increases substantially.  Consider your website content, your SEO performance or how you can use Google advertising to boost its performance.


2. Associated Social Media Pages

Social media can play a role also. Social media channels accompanying a domain name and website can make for a more attractive bundle for the buyer.  When all of these components are in place, you’re selling a turn-key online presence.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn are all great platforms to build a following. The closer the account names are to the domain, the better.  The more followers, the stronger too.


3. Similar domain variations

Securing variations can be expensive but is an effective way to boost demand for your domain name. Business owners will often purchase multiple domains to protect their brand from competitor mimicry.

Sometimes too, which domain name extension to use can be complicated. In Australia today, we have several available alternatives, including the upcoming. It may be worth considering securing a number of variations to both protect your brand and boost your domain value.

Protect and grow the value of your domains

You may never appear among the 500 most expensive domains, but you can certainly take action to protect and boost your domain value.

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