How to start planning the future for your business post-COVID-19

Written on 26 May, 2020 by Julia Hammond
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The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a new challenge to people and the economy since the beginning of 2020. As small businesses navigate this ongoing crisis, it’s important that decision makers start to take steps to help reshape their plan for recovery.

There are a number of priorities that should be considered to ensure you can evolve as rapidly as the changing business eco-system and remain on top.

1. Prioritise safety and continued engagement

Employee and customer safety is essential to the continuous operation of your business. While people are looking to their community and government for guidance, reassuring them as a small business in a transparent manner will go a long way to building rapport.

As a part of this, you may need to initiate or expand on flexible work arrangements. Keeping in mind social distancing may still be applicable until the end of 2020, make sure your home or office workspace is set up to allow for maximum productivity for the long term, rather than looking for short term fixes. As a part of this, be aware what your suppliers’ restrictions are moving into the second half of 2020 to avoid any breaks in business operations.

2. Assess your online presence and infrastructure

It’s likely as a small business you have implemented a number of short-term, cost saving measures to help support you during this time. With an understanding that the COVID-19 impact will be felt for at least the next 12 months, you also need to think long term. Make sure any adjustments you made to your website and e-commerce store are sustainable in the long run and are not just the cheapest options that will see you through right now.

3. Maximise government support

Ensure you monitor federal and state announcements related to support for small businesses. Taking advantage of the different subsidies will give you an opportunity to funnel your savings into your businesses marketing, website, and SEO to help boost your engagement and potentially expand your exposure to current and new customers.

4. Share what you’ve learnt

The small business community in Australia is made up of resilient individuals who are striving to make their dreams their reality. As a part of this, sharing your experience is incredibly important to the success of those around you. For example, when speaking to your team at Netregistry let them know what feedback you’ve received on social media. Not only will that give you a better end result because you’re implementing feedback from your consumers, but it may help them better inform other small businesses they’re working with.

The takeaways

There will be many lessons that come from the COVID-19 crisis, and learnings that will form once businesses have time to reflect. In the meantime, it’s important that all business decisions are made for long term success, to avoid falling short.

Preparing your business for online success

With the restrictions in Australia easing slowly but surely, a return to some form of regular business operations is on the horizon. Whether your business is ready to return, or you’re wondering what the best path forward is, Netregistry are here to help. With expert teams in SEO, PPC, Social and Websites – we have all the experience you need for a successful online business. To get started, call us on 1300 638 734 or submit a message online.

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