Tip #4 - Promote your videos, images and audio content via social networking sites

Written on 31 January, 2011 by Charlotte Norman
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By housing all of your multi-media content i.e. audio and video on a social community site like YouTube, you will make it instantly more accessibly to an online audience.

Aside from hitting a bigger demographic, such community sites also make it easier to link to the content from hyperlinks and twitter updates alike.

Nowadays content can be easily shared across a wealth of platforms. Social networking sites are a great way of engaging your content with a targeted demographic and broad spectrum of potential customers.

Additionally housing the content in a variety of digital spaces can also boost your search engine ranking and drive traffic. This is the effect of Google’s universal search function, which displays relevant listings for images, videos and audio clips alongside webpage content.

Should the search engine deem, say your video which is featured on YouTube to be content appropriate to your business, then you may get your content ranking highly. A top-ranking, informative video that mentions your site could potentially drive a lot of traffic.

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