Should My Domain Name Be .au or

Written on 29 March, 2022 by Melissa Toh
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Should My Domain Name Be .au or


On March 24, 2022, a new domain, .au, was launched in Australia. For many, the new .au domain option may appear to be making their life more complicated. Many small to medium businesses are now trying to decide whether they should use a domain name or should undertake a .au registration.


.au VS – Which domain name is better?

  1. Why has Australia completed the .au domain release?
  2. Why would I purchase a domain name instead?
  3. Should I buy .au or
  4. Why operate with multiple domain name extensions?


To help make the right decision, we have provided some helpful insights for you and your business.

Why has Australia completed the .au domain release?

A .au domain is sometimes referred to as .au direct, probably because the .au TLD (top-level domain) is so short and easy to remember. Imagine simply adding three characters to your brand and business name to create your website address.

Some of the effects of the shorter domain are de-cluttering your name, working better in settings where a short term improves performance, such as mobile phones and signage, and reinforcing the domains’ connection to Australia.

Other reasons a business might decide to use a .au domain include providing the business access to a name that they have sought but, in the past, have been unable to register. A .au whois search might find that domain name you have been waiting for forever.

Some of the .au domain rules are slightly different from the domains and other more traditional TLDs. In particular, the .au domain registration requirements permit a .au domain name to be registered by any Australian. A more conventional domain name extension can only be registered by those with an ABN. In effect, the world of domains and web hosting has been made available to all Australians.


why would I purchase a net au domain name instead

Why would I purchase a domain name instead?

Sometimes it makes sense to remain faithful to the familiar. Some argue that the very fact that .au domains are not as well-known means they will be less trusted.

After a couple of years of pandemic lockdowns and a significant growth in online commerce, concerns about cyber security and online fraud issues has increased.

The familiarity of a domain may provide some confidence that the business is genuine and will not let their customer down.

Should I buy .au or

This question is not so straightforward. Clearly, Australian businesses should consider what .au brings to the table. The .au domain is definitely worth careful consideration, but then so is the domain name extension.

That said, it is possible to have it all.

Why operate with multiple domain name extensions?

Many businesses now recognise the strategic value and management ease of owning more than one domain name extension. These businesses advocate registering both a .au and a domain name.  With a domain manager, it is easy to manage multiple domains.

Having more than one domain can provide:


Insurance against others registering a version of your domain name

What better way to protect your brand than owning other domain extension versions of your business name. That way, no competitors can trade on your excellent reputation.


Broader access for users to your online presence

Just because you have more than one domain name doesn’t mean that you need to create more than one website. It just provides customers with more options to access your website. Whether you are an early adopter looking for a .au domain or more of a laggard that will be searching for the domain version.


blocking cybercriminals with multiple domains


Blocking cybercriminals

Sometimes cybercriminals will attempt to pass themselves off as established brands online to access payment and other data.  Even though others commit the crimes, it will make your potential prospects wary of providing data to your business.

If you want to learn more about the value of registering multiple domains, click here.


Por que no los dos?

All Australian businesses, whether start-ups or established, should carefully consider registering a .au domain and a domain using existing traditional domain name extensions, such as

It is an investment in protecting your brand and ensuring better coverage and performance for your digital business. If you are still unsure, talk to one of our domain registration experts.

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