Six techniques for killer product photography

Written on 23 June, 2015 by Uyen Vu
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When you’re running an e-commerce business, photos are vital for selling products successfully. Consumers are becoming increasingly confident in making purchases online and are often comfortable spending large amounts of money on something they haven’t seen in the flesh. That’s not to say they don’t still experience some traditional pain points associated with shopping online, including the worry that the product they purchase won’t be as described. The best way to combat these fears is to make sure your product pages have quality photographs by using these six techniques.

1. Show off the angles – Give shoppers as much information as you can in your product photos and always include multiple shots showing different angles. Shoppers want to know what something looks like from behind, underneath and from the side so they can build a good idea of what the item looks like as a whole.

2. Include important details – Close up shots or zoom functions are also important and should be used to highlight details, whether that’s intricate lace on a dress or audio controls on a sound system.

3. Pay attention to lighting – Good lighting makes a massive difference to the quality and desirability of product photos. Choose neutral backgrounds and ensure you use a photographer who understands how to avoid bleaching out details or blurring products with low lighting.

4. Picture everything included – If your product comes with added accessories, even ones as simple as power cables or adaptors, be sure to take one picture that includes everything shoppers can expect to find in the packaging.

5. Highlight uniqueness – Your product photos are also an excellent place for you to differentiate your business and products from your competitors. If your products have unique selling points, be certain to include these in your photos.

6. Indicate your product size – Use your product photography as an opportunity to give shoppers an idea of how big the product is and how it will fit into their home. Including a model for scale is the easiest way to do this but if it’s not practical, try including your product alongside easily recognisable household items for one shot.

Start sharing

Once you’ve got some stellar product photos, it’s time to share them on your social networks. People are far more likely to click through a social link that includes an enticing picture – the trick is to make sure you don’t flood your feed with constant promotional product shots.

Another great way to share your product shots is to use them as the backbone for a user generated campaign by asking your customers to share their photos of your products in action. Offer discounts for customers who post great pictures or a prize for the winner and they should be happy to start sharing pictures of your products for you.

Let your product photos tell a story and enjoy the benefits of more satisfied shoppers.

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