Written on 30 December, 2021 by Melissa Toh

Why Faster Page Load Speeds Are Important Everybody hates slow websites – waiting for different page elements to load – images, videos, content, and backgrounds. It can be so frustrating. The landing page speed can make or break a website. When a page has finally finished loading, you are often ready to click the back button and... Read more
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Written on 06 June, 2019 by Jessica Clausen

Hit the right audience with Google Ads With 71% of search traffic clicks going to results from the first page, it’s no wonder that’s where every business wants to be. What if we told you there was a way to pay your way to the top of Google search results? Google Search Advertising, also known as Google... Read more
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Written on 30 May, 2019 by Jessica Clausen

Google Ads hacks that’ll have you reaching further without moving a muscle Whether your business is new or old, small or large, the basis to success for every business is tapping into the digital marketing space. Here are some handy tips to tackling the Google Ads juggernaut. When it comes to a successful marketing campaign in the 21st century, if you’re not... Read more
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How RankBrain is affecting your rankings in Google

Written on 26 September, 2016 by Karen Lam

How RankBrain is affecting your rankings in Google If you've been trying to improve your website's SEO presence, you'll have come across the word 'RankBrain' during your research. In this article, I'll discuss what RankBrain is and how it's affecting your website's Google rankings. What is RankBrain? RankBrain is Google's newest learning algorithm which is believed to change... Read more
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The social media platforms that rocked (and flopped) in 2015

Written on 06 December, 2015 by Lisa Shannahan

The social media platforms that rocked (and flopped) in 2015 The number of people signing up for social media sites and the time they spend on them is increasing every year, but as with any popular trend, some sites are going from strength to strength while others are fading and flopping. Knowing which sites are on the up is vital... Read more
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Written on 24 May, 2011 by Charlotte Norman

Australia welcomes Google Shopping Take note retailers, search engine supreme Google have launched Google Shopping in Australia. The retail-shopping site allows online retailers to advertise their products on-line, enabling shoppers to search for products, compare prices and read reviews. This new function will be accessible on the Google search page. This new launch is... Read more
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Written on 24 August, 2010 by Netregistry

Google’s Claire Hatton: Online marketing for small business "I think it is even more critical now for local businesses to own their online space." So says Claire Hatton, Industry leader - Travel, Government, Local Business for Google Australia and NZ. She sees the rapid rise of mobile and local search as two trends that should motivate any business... Read more
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Written on 16 October, 2009 by Netregistry

Google Sidewiki – you can’t ignore your customers anymore! I, along with many others, have been shouting the customer engagement mantra for a while now as online business continues to evolve. The upswing in social networking use, greater transparency through word of mouth and the ability for consumers to find virtually any information quickly and easily has meant businesses... Read more
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Written on 01 September, 2006 by Angus Kidman

Microsoft vs Google: Let the battle begin Microsoft and Google are conducting a very public battle to grab the biggest possible share of the enterprise search market, but in truth, it's much more than a two-horse race. Angus Kidman investigates the complicated task of searching across enterprise data and finds out who really has what it takes... Read more
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Written on 01 June, 2006 by Netregistry

Legal issues in Internet selling Despite its borderless nature, the internet is not a lawless zone, and businesses need to consider some emerging legal issues when conducting sales and marketing activities in cyberspace. KEYWORD ADVERTISING, an increasingly popular marketing tool, involves the purchase of a particular search term from a search engine (such as Google... Read more
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