The marketer who lured Jerry Seinfeld announces national tour

Written on 02 May, 2013 by Karen Lim-Sam
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Aussie business marketeer John Dwyer, the man who tempted Jerry Seinfeld out of retirement to be the spokesman for one of his clients, has announced a national tour to help business owners attract new clients without using price discounts.

Dwyer, owner of marketing solutions business The Institute of Wow, famously enticed legendary stand-up comedian and 90s TV icon Jerry Seinfeld to be the spokesman for the Greater Building Society, one of his clients. Seinfeld had only ever done two advertising campaigns in his career – for American Express and Microsoft – so this marked a marketing coup of massive proportions. Dwyer says the results were spectacular, with the Greater Building Society tripling its home loan market share in just the first two years of the Seinfeld campaign.

Throughout his national tour in May, Dwyer (pictured right) will discuss his self-created ‘Wow Client Attraction Formula’, which he has been proven to work across 58 industries and thousands of businesses.

Across five cities Dwyer will be showing seminar attendees how to adopt a “problem/solution mentality” to their marketing communications, concentrating on benefits rather than price. He’ll also be showing business owners how to instantly improve conversions on their website by featuring must-have direct response components above the fold.

“If you market on price, be aware that for 99 per cent of businesses, it’s simply not sustainable,” Dwyer says. “95 per cent of all business websites are woeful, so it’s not hard to stand out from your competitors and snare a disproportionate market share online.”

Dwyer will “walk the walk” at his events, choosing business owners from the audience as “Hot Seat” participants & providing a critique of their marketing “on the spot.”

He has an impressive record of growing turnover for all size businesses & will be demonstrating the power of his “Client Attraction Formula” by presenting case studies featuring clients.

One such client, Wiggly Tail Butchery of Port Macquarie,  is a recent disciple of his principles & in just 2 months of following Dwyer’s marketing mantra, experienced a 30% increase in sales.

Owner of the 3 store butchery chain, Kerry Buttsworth, said “the results have exceeded my wildest expectations, his system works if you join the dots. It’s that simple. We’ve attracted an avalanche of new clients as a result of following the steps in his system.”

Netregistry is a proud partner of The Wow Marketing Accelerator Seminars to be held in Sydney (May 7), Melbourne (May 9), Brisbane (May 14), Adelaide (May 21) and Perth (May 23). To find out more information and register visit or phone Universal Stars on 1800 634 200.

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