The Next Big Thing in Artificial Intelligence - ChatGPT

Written on 14 February, 2023 by Rida Virk
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ChatGPT has become a stirring topic of discussion for businesses, educational institutions, and professionals from various industries. While some aim to incorporate it, others are countering it as hard as possible. It is one of the latest additions to artificial intelligence technology, and its advanced capabilities have garnered worldwide attention from major companies and piqued the interest of nearly every online user.

Developed by OpenAi, ChatGPT is a free artificial intelligence language processing tool that allows you to engage in human-like discussions and can answer a wide variety of questions, write essays and articles, and even generate codes as per user request. Although recently released on 30th November 2022, ChatGPT is already extensively used by many people around the globe, including Australia, and is starting to integrate itself in modern-day society.

How Can ChatGPT’s Artificial Intelligence Technology Benefit Australian Companies

Quick Operability: ChatGPT has shown great promise in its operability for customer service and potentially aiding business employees in processing their work faster by using it as a guide. For instance, it can assist employees in shortening research time by providing a rough summary of information. It can also help coders in figure out a solution when they face a coding problem.

Virtual Assistant: ChatGPT can function as an expert virtual assistant at your service for completely free of cost. With its vast dataset, it has a great deal of information fed into its system to be able to tackle most questions and requests that come its way. Not to mention, it’s available for use 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Multilingual: An interesting feature the new artificial intelligence system boosts is its ability to communicate and generate text in over 50 different languages and dialects to accommodate as many different users as possible. This particular element allows the overall program to have more versatility and flexibility when generating an array of diverse replies and content.

What Limitations Does this New Artificial Intelligence Present Us With?

Although ChatGPT offers many benefits, it does have its share of shortcomings that are good to know when trying to learn how to operate the program. A few drawbacks to bear in mind when working with ChatGPT are:

Surface-Level Information: ChatGPT’s responses tend to be supposedly informative, but the content can be found to be lacking in correct grammar and sentence structure. More importantly, though, it often deals out incorrect information too. This could be because its information database is limited to the year 2021. It is absolutely vital to perform fact-checking and continue to have a human hand when utilising it as a tool for your professional and business use.

Repetitive: A human operator is essential to sort out the repetitive nature of ChatGPT. It tends to repeat quite a bit of its content and phrases, especially when asked to write a lengthy body of work. This is due to the present artificial intelligence model guessing on what the user is asking for if the question is vague. Ambiguous input ultimately throws a wrench in its processing at times, thereby creating further inconsistency.

Needs Precise Instructions: With ChatGPT you might have to specify what you exactly want and even what format it should write in for you to maintain a semblance of consistency.

ChatGPT is Still Growing its Artificial Intelligence Technology

With all of ChatGPT’s benefits and drawbacks, it’s crucial to know that it is still in its early developmental stages. OpenAI is proving to continuously grow ChatGPT by considering user feedback and putting out newer software versions such as GPT-2, GPT-3, and now GPT-4 is on its way. Figuring out the learning curve for ChatGPT as it grows is a whole ballgame to monitor and keep up with on a regular basis.

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