Top 5 reasons for attending business events

Written on 22 July, 2013 by Karen Lim-Sam
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This August, small businesses will have access to hundreds of free and low-cost events at Victoria’s Small Business Festival which is being held throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria.

Festivals such as this and business events in general bring together a wide range of people to network, share ideas, develop new skills and foster better business practices.

Here are five reasons for adding the festival or any business event to your calendar.

  1. Learn the Insider Secrets from the Pros

    No matter how competent you are at business, everyone can acquire new skills. And there’s no one better to learn from, than experienced business operators and experts in specialist aspects of business endeavor. Business events provide access to expert speakers who will challenge the way you do business.

  2. Keep up with technology change and save time

    Keeping pace with new technologies requires significant research, training and time, which many small businesses can’t afford.  Attending events allows small business operators to be exposed to the latest technologies for minimal cost and in the shortest amount of time.

  3.  Become more productive

    Working in small business can often be isolating. Without exposure to new ideas and skills, important trends which can boost your business’s competitiveness, can be overlooked. Innovative and constructive events can generate new productive ways of conducting a business and lay the groundwork for growth.

  4. Spark creativity & innovation

    Taking a break from routine can help you stay ahead of the game.  Attending events is a great way to get away from the grind of business operations. A change of scenery, especially one rich in educational and networking opportunities, can help spark creative ideas and innovative business practices.

  5. Find business solutions

    Business solutions often require out-of-the box thinking. Business events can offer many opportunities to address your business challenges such as mentoring opportunities from business experts. Events also provide a great opportunity to network with experienced professionals and like-minded individuals to sort through business bottlenecks and come up with creative solutions. Networking helps to restore vision and passion in a business. And making new business connections leads to new clients, sales, investor’s and service providers.

Netregistry is a proud partner of Victoria’s Small Business Festival. We believe in educating small business owners so that they can take control of their business.

To find out more visit or call 13 22 15.

Image caption – Tim Jones (Sales Manager)  & Alison Jones  from Wandin Valley Farms, featured in the festival’s Small Business Big Future exhibition.

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