What is CMS and Why Should We Use it?

Written on 07 September, 2016 by Raul Chango
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CMS stands for Content Management System, a system that was built for non-technical users to easily add, edit, and update their content on their website. It launched 14 years ago when a group of programmers decided to build this system for a financial purpose. Thanks to open-source community, this system became way more powerful than what was originally planned.

Nowadays many CMSs are available online to use for free. As the amount of online content keeps increasing every day, the number of CMSs rises accordingly. WordPress, Joomla and Magento are just some examples of popular CMSs that are available.

You might be thinking: why should we use it? Here are five reasons that might change the way you think.

Content management – You can easily edit, add, save, or even make a draft with CMS. This allows you to freely style and manage your website efficiently, without fear of breaking your website.

Extensibility – Using CMS as your base for your website will give you the ability to extend your website in the future. It gives you the freedom to change your website from just a blogging website to an e-commerce in case you decide to upscale your business.

Improve online branding – Your CMS can help your marketing team easily create campaigns for your business. Many CMSs have built-in features to support campaign management such as email, brochures, RSS, etc.

Keep your audience close – Most CMSs have a unique feature where they keep track of the number of page visits on your site. This can help you know which part of your site is getting more traffic, and which part needs improvement. This seems small but it actually affects your business quite a lot.

SEO efficiency – Search engine optimisation is one of the most crucial aspects in the online world. Luckily with CMS, SEO will not be a problem. Most CMSs out there are built to be SEO-friendly, which will make your site much easier to be optimised.

Now the next question is: what CMS should I use? There has been plenty of discussion online about which CMS is better. From our perspective, there is no better or worse CMS; it is more about which one is easier to use, which essentially comes down to how it is built.

To help you decide which CMS you should use, here are some statistics:

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