What is cPanel For?

Written on 10 April, 2022 by Melissa Toh
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People often ask what does cPanel stand for? It sounds a little complicated, but it is more straightforward than you think.


Guide to cPanel for Business Hosting

  1. Why Choose cPanel?
  2. Is cPanel a cloud?
  3. What is WHM?
  4. How do I find the cPanel of my website?
  5. What is the difference between cPanel and WordPress?


The product name cPanel derives from the words control panel, and control is what the product is designed to do. The focus for the development of cPanel was to make it easier for users to manage their online presence.

What does cPanel do?

cPanel allows website users to manage their web hosting with a user-friendly dashboard instead of relying on complex coding or resorting to a dedicated IT professional. This do-it-yourself approach aligns with the emergence of self-designed and operated websites as more and more people migrate to business building in the online space.

What’s the difference between web hosting and cPanel?

Web hosting is a service that makes your website accessible on the internet, while the cPanel is software that manages those hosting services. It is possible to manage the hosting without cPanel, but requires technical expertise. It is not recommended for people without solid technical knowledge!

In summary, a control panel is a web-based interface used when managing hosting accounts and associated services.

Why choose cPanel?

cPanel was released in 1996 and since that time has continued to grow and prosper.

cPanel features include:

  • cPanel email and cPanel webmail ready
  • Domain management
  • File management (cPanel download)
  • Databases


cPanel benefits include:

  • Easy to use intuitively designed interfaces – one-click configurations
  • Customisable
  • Includes a long list of third-party tools
  • Browser compatibility – works on all major web browsers
  • Software installation – Able to install web building scripts with a single click


Key reasons cPanel makes sense for Your Australian business


why choose cpanel for your business hosting


cPanel is popular

cPanel is popular and widely used by both individuals and business experts. This broad exposure to cPanel means that the business spends less time training and upskilling staff. The ease of using cPanel also drives it popularity. Users describe the dashboard as intuitive and understandable from the cPanel login right through all the cPanel interfaces.

cPanel is diverse and straightforward

cPanel offers a user-friendly interface. Companies can manage email, organise and monitor databases, enter back-end components of the public-facing site, and check analytic user stats. Additionally, it is easy for a hosting company or independent user of cPanel to add modules accessible in the cPanel cloud hosting panel.

Easy app installation

cPanel apps are easy to find in the central catalogue and are easy to install. The cPanel interface provides easy access to apps designed to help you quickly and efficiently install other apps.


Because of the widespread adoption of cPanel, you can always find the answer to support questions, whether you have formal access to a support service or not.

What you should know about cPanel

Here are some frequently asked questions about cPanel for people looking to build their new business website or adopt a new website management software. Our technical experts have compiled the answers and explained them in simple language. Even if you have zero background knowledge on website manage, you will be able to get a better understanding on cPanel.

Is cPanel a cloud?

cPanel is software. There are many commercial versions for this software, ranging from cloud subscription to perpetual models. Regardless of the underlying model, you don’t have to worry. When you buy cPanel web hosting, your service includes the cPanel dashboard software.

Remember, cPanel is a vehicle to manage your website and hosting environment.  All your website files, content, databases, and other files live on the dedicated infrastructure built by your web hosting provider. As such, to get the best performance and end-user experience from your website, it is vital to ensure your web hosting provider provides an enterprise-grade solution located in the same region as you.


is cpanel a cloud


What is WHM?

WHM (Web Host Manager) is an access tool for the back-end of the cPanel account.Basically, it is a reseller control panel used by resellers to manage all their hosting accounts.

WHM provides more control and flexibility when managing either a few very popular and resource-intensive sites or a large number of sites. On top of giving you the ability to sell hosting services to other people, WHM also gives you the option to create and manage multiple cPanel accounts (dashboards).

How do I find the cPanel of my website?

In most cases, you should contact your hosting provider for support with topics such as cPanel account login failures and cPanel account access problems.

What is the difference between cPanel and WordPress?

The simple answer is no. They do different things and often, together, can provide users with the best outcome. You can launch your content management system (such as WordPress) via cPanel, so everything to manage your digital presence is contained within one dashboard.

WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your website or blog. It is a content management system (CMS) that enables users to create, edit and manage digital content without programming skills.

All the website files and content you create are useless if they remain sitting on your laptop or computer. They must reside on a server (web hosting) where people can access them (so they are able to view your website on their devices) using a domain name (your company URL). This is where cPanel shines.

cPanel is a user-friendly control panel that simplifies the management of your website and the environment where your website lives (web hosting). It allows you to manage your website files, create MySQL databases, manage domains, FTP accounts, email accounts, SSL certificates and more. You can even develop websites using your chosen CMS, which is a plug-in to the cPanel dashboard.  cPanel WordPress enables users to enjoy the best of both worlds!


Are you ready for cPanel?

To recap, web hosting is the infrastructure that makes your website available on the internet, while cPanel is software that makes it easy to use and manage the hosting service. You can manage your shared server without a control panel. However, it is not recommended unless you have serious technical expertise.

If you have more questions about cPanel, feel free to get in touch with one of our consultants. We can help you determine if cPanel is the right choice for your business website hosting.

Or, start a free trial now and give cPanel a go!

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