Why duping content is a big no-no

Written on 27 December, 2011 by Karen Lim-Sam
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The latest Google algorithm update, known as Panda, has struck fear in the hearts of many a blogger and content writer. Now more than ever, we’re conscious of the fact that Google really is monitoring everything! With a little understanding however, you can safely add content to your website without suffering loss of rankings amongst search engines – as long as you create content that is considered to be original of course! But what does this really mean?

Why search engines want original content

The job of the search engine is to index and present as much original content as possible, ensuring a variety within the search. Imagine searching online for a professional service such as a beauty therapist. If the beauty therapist had numerous salons in locations around Australia and all of the salons had an individual web presence, containing the same content (the only difference being their address) then you won’t get varied results in terms of the business’ offering – just location. What you are really looking for when you search, is a variety of therapists and offers that you can choose from.

Penalties are intended for spammers:

Considering the amount of spamming that search engines have to deal with, they do a pretty good job of indexing unique content. In order to do this, they have introduced duplicating filters that sort and dispose of information that the search engine already knows about. This is simply a filter not a penalty. Penalties may be awarded algorithmically or in some cases by a search engineer who uncovers spamming or deception within a site.

A professional web presence

The best way to ensure that your web content is original is to avoid copying and pasting or ‘scraping’ from other sites. Whilst researching online to find out what content is already being used is advisable, it is important to produce individual, original content. There are many content writing services online however, beware the services that offer minimal prices. If you are an Australian business, then having a local writer can give your business an advantage as long as they take the time to produce original content. Few writers receiving a small payment or given an unreasonable deadline, will spend the required time on research then generate unique content. The best content writers will ensure your professional online image as well as original content containing keywords and descriptors specific to your site.

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