10 useful keyboard shortcuts

Written on 11 April, 2013 by Uyen Vu
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Orders, customer queries, meetings – the demands of running an online business can mean time is at a serious premium. But business owners that use time-saving measures such as keyboard shortcuts are often better equipped to deal with this daily onslaught. Making an effort to streamline word-processing efforts can make light work out of mundane tasks. Here are 10 keyboard shortcuts that every business owner should know:

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

These basic copy and paste commands make it easy to highlight and copy large chunks of text before pasting them into another document. Try for a less laborious alternative to the traditional cut and paste.


Struggling to find an errant document or urgently seeking a specific word in a file? This command will unearth what you’re searching for in seconds.


Is there another keyboard command as useful as Ctrl+Z? This one helps you undo your misspellings, incorrect facts or embarrassing typos and ensures that they never see the light of day.


The modern-day multitasker needs keyboard functions to keep things simple. Luckily, holding down the Alt key and the Tab button makes it easy to toggle effortlessly between open programs and files on any Windows desktop.


Everyone has experienced the tearful fallout from the failure to save a piece of work. Familiarising yourself with the Ctrl+S function is a powerful way to avert this crisis.


This handy command allows you to delete entire words rather than single characters, allowing you to fix mistakes quickly and easily.


Need to shut down a program in a hurry? Holding down the F4 key and Alt button simultaneously lets you close active documents effortlessly.


When you’re working on multiple files at once, the shortcut menu is often your best friend. However, it’s even more effective if used in conjunction with the Alt+Spacebar function – it enables you to open the shortcut menu for the active document in a heartbeat.

Keyboard shortcuts are indispensable tools for business owners looking to save precious minutes every day, especially if you are writing your own blog or redesigning your website.

Which shortcuts do you find yourself using most frequently?

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