3 Benefits of the New .au Direct Domain Name

Written on 18 November, 2021 by Melissa Toh
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By now you will have heard about a new domain name that will be released in Australia soon. For various reasons, you may feel hesitant about using it for your Australian business. However, that means you and your business are forgoing all the benefits that come with it.

As such, today we have highlighted the top 3 benefits of registering the new domain name for your business. Read on to find out what it can do for you to help you stay ahead of your competition.

What is the New .au Direct Domain Name?

At the moment, commonly used domain names for Aussie businesses large and small include:

  • .com.au
  • .net.au

and plenty more.

However, the Australian domain governing body, auDA, has announced the introduction of a new domain name in next year. From March 2022, a new domain name will be added the list of available domain names:

  • .au

This opens up options for Australian business owners like yourself and provides additional benefits for businesses looking to expand their online presence and reach more potential customers on the internet.
New Australian au domain name benefits

1. Shorter URL for Your Online Business

In the online space, having a shorter, more memorable URL for your business can be advantageous. Not only will it be easier for potential customers to search and find you on search engines, it also shows up better visually on print and display formats, contributing to a professional image for your brand. Microsites and new landing pages to support online marketing efforts will also have more URL options and creative freedom.

With plenty of brand exposure and purchasing done on our mobile devices these days, a shorter domain name that’s easier to use and remember may be beneficial for your growing business.

2. Reliability of an Australian Domain

Benefits of au domain name

Aside from being a shorter domain name, .au direct domain highlights your Australian presence without needing much explanation. It functions similarly to .com.au, but is four whole characters shorter, conveying a more trustworthy and reliable business to online customers while still giving you room for creativity.

For potential and younger customers who are unfamiliar with your brand, a .au direct domain can provide them more confidence to click on your URL during an online search.

More Domain Name Options for New Australian Businesses

If you are an entrepreneur or own an existing business without an online presence, you now have more options to choose from when it comes to your domain name. If your business operates primarily in Australia and/or has a target audience that is mainly Australians, a .au direct domain name should be one of your considerations.

Choosing the right domain name is crucial to your business so having an extra option can contribute to an informed decision.

3. Prevent Brand Theft

Preventing brand theft with au domain nmae

By registering your .au direct domain name, you ensure your brand is protected from online scammers. They will not be able to use your .au direct domain for fraudulent activities, including against your existing and potential customers.

This means your brand name is safe and in your control. You can continue to build trust among your existing customer base and there is less chance of your brand getting tarnished.

Pre-register Your .au Direct Domain with Webcentral

The release of the new .au direct domain name can have varying effects on your online brand, marketing efforts and customer base. Enhance and protect your brand by pre-registering your .au direct domain with an accredited registrar with auDA like us.

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