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Written on 16 January, 2022 by Melissa Toh
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boost your online business with live chat

Brands are constantly striving to improve customer experiences.  Of course, they want to sell their products online, but it is also essential to use every opportunity to build loyalty and brand advocacy.  All businesses want their customers to be talking positively about their customer service and online experience.

How Live Chat Can Improve Your Customer Support

  1. Timely response
  2. Be available
  3. Be efficient
  4. Resolve issues
  5. To inform
  6. Build trust
  7. Reward customers
  8. Be proactive


Live chatting software is now being used by many as part of their winning acquisition strategy to improve customer experiences through speeding up response times and customer service. There are many reasons that chat software can assist your business, whether you are a large company or a smaller family business. Here are just eight:

Be timely and flexible in how you respond to customers

Your team can offer additional information during the chat, providing the customer with the necessary information to make an informed purchase decision. Objections and any need for additional information can be addressed immediately. The best live chat experience for customers is one where you can continue past chat conversations without starting over.

Be available around the clock

improve customer experience live chatting software

Gone are the days when companies could close the door at 6 pm, especially if you are looking to start an ecommerce business in Australia. Your customers are looking to engage with your business only when it is convenient for them. Offering live chat for customer support over extended periods will be a real plus for your customers and your online store.

Be efficient and concise

Phone conversations typically start with small talk, which is meant to build rapport. That’s polite, but your customers just want answers so they can get back to their busy lives. Fast, concise responses are expected and appreciated. Most webchat conversations start with “How may I help you”, which gives the customer the license to jump right in.

Be able to resolve their issues correctly

Live chat tools allow customer service team members to offer pre-determined responses. Managing a library of these responses ensures that only accurate answers are provided.  This library ensures customers a consistent, transparent and up-to-date understanding. If that team member needs help in responding to a customer enquiry, they can do so by transferring that web chat to someone who can help.

Be informed about the information and support your customers need

Unlike social media platforms, the best live chat software will enable you to monitor and report on chat solutions that your customers are seeking. Using this information, you can formulate improved product, communication and website strategies that will bolster your customers’ experience.

Be able to build trust with your customer

Building rapport with a customer online can be difficult. If buyers don’t trust you, they won’t provide their contact information or share their personal details. Website chat software can enable a direct conversation with your buyer that allows you to build trust and close the gap between online and offline purchases.

Be rewarding to your special customers

Some businesses use website chat software to reward their most valuable customers. Suppose your company has an extensive customer database. In that case, it may be impractical to offer a chat service for every customer, but you may want to thank larger clients or even use the lure of instant chat to motivate customers to become more engaged.  Such an approach reinforces that customer’s sense of being valued by the business and may further enhance their loyalty to the brand.

Be proactive in your service offer

be proactive with website live support chat software

Chats can happen in two ways: reactively or proactively. Reactive chat is when a customer starts the conversation, while a proactive chat is when a live chat agent initiates the conversation after a customer meets the determined criteria. Offering proactive customer service is suitable for any company because it’s more personalised.

As you learn more about a customer through the chat process, you may also direct them towards new products or services that will better address their needs.  This is good for the business and ideal for the customer who may not even have been aware.

Create personal, effective and lasting online connections

Live chat software can improve customer experiences.  Executed well, it will build customer loyalty and grow sales.  Today, when many businesses rely heavily on e-commerce, creating lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our online customers is essential and will help you future proof your business.

Ensuring that customers’ online experience is a good one is a great start.

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