Can My Facebook Page Replace My Website?

Written on 07 June, 2022 by Melissa Toh
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When you build a Facebook page, you have the potential to reach 17 million of its active users. It’s hard to ignore the sizeable reach of one channel alone and questions whether Facebook pages will make website irrelevant. With a Facebook page, you can list your business details, contact customers and publish special offers and promotions. It’s low cost and low maintenance but there are many reasons why your business needs a website in addition to a Facebook page.

You don’t own your Facebook page

Did you know that the social media profiles you create for your business are not actually yours?

At any moment in time, Facebook can suspend or delete your page without prior warning. The only thing you own is the content and images uploaded to your page, not the page itself.

If you accidentally break a rule, Facebook can delete your account and all your fans. Because Facebook is continuously changing its policies and algorithms, it leaves very little control to the page owners who rely on the channel to communicate with their community.

Limiting your business’s potential

When you have a Facebook page without a website, you are limiting the people you can reach.

Without a website, you won’t be able to use search engine marketing like Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to reach more customers. Without a website, clients and potential customers may find it a challenge to locate your business and opt for a more visible competitor instead.


Your business may not be suited for Facebook

Your business may not be suited for Facebook

Facebook is a platform with high reach, but it’s not for everyone. For example if someone was looking for a plumber or a dentist, they’re more likely to do a Google search to find one. Facebook may not always be the first place they look.

Most businesses can benefit from having a Facebook page but it’s important to consider the goals you’re trying to achieve. Is Facebook a place for your customers to leave feedback? To ask questions? If the sole purpose of your Facebook page is to generate leads and sales, you’ll need to define a solid strategy (and a budget) to make it happen.

People value privacy

There’s no doubt that we are increasingly protective of our privacy. Without a website, prospects and customers may be hesitant to contact your business through Facebook (some people are cautious about sharing their data with Facebook). This can reduce the amount of leads your business generates through solely having a Facebook page instead of a website.

Facebook + website = success

Instead of thinking about using one or the other, you can use Facebook to support your marketing activities. Facebook is a great channel to drive traffic back to your website, an asset you own and control.

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