Case Study : World Class Glass

Written on 18 January, 2018 by Julia Hammond
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Today we’re taking a look at one of our esteemed performance media clients to show just how effective close PPC management can be for a small to medium business. I sat down to have a chat with Senior Account Manager, Nick “Sully” Sullivan, about the World Class Glass campaign to find out exactly what gave this client the edge they now enjoy.


CLIENT                   SERVICE GOALS
World Class Glass                      AdWords
  • Increase conversions
  • Reduce cost per conversion


“Great experience, excellent services, would highly recommend.”

Steve Jbeily, World Class Glass

The Client

The WME Performance Media team harbours some of the best talent Australia has to offer and when thrown a challenge, they work hard to ensure expectations are met. Today’s featured client is World Class Glass. Located on the North Shore, World Class Glass (WC Glass) are the leaders in glass replacement and repair in Sydney.

The Challenge

Recalling the client’s original strategy before they came to WME for help, Nick said the “campaign was smaller and less refined, driving a higher mix of traffic through fewer ad groups. This led to less targeted clicks, higher click costs and a lower conversion rate.”

The primary problem area was that “the campaign was also not being ‘worked’ and maintained regularly enough or vigorously enough for the market demands.”

“Given that the market is very competitive and the cost per click is relatively expensive compared to the average job return, the campaign required a lot of intensive daily analysis and optimisation.”

The Strategy

  • Refined campaign structure: directing more targeted traffic to more specific ads, leading to more relevant clicks
  • Negative keywords: excluding irrelevant traffic that was wasting click spend
  • Daily budget optimisation: using conversion data to direct a specific daily budget, maximising conversion volume on the best days
  • Ad copy experimentation: maximising the best ad response rate for minimum cost per click and highest conversion rate
  • Landing-page re-design: testing multiple designs to maximise conversion rate of the page

The Outcome

Within one year of attentive AdWords management, Nick was able to both increase World Class Glass’ number of enquiries and, at the same time, reduce their cost per enquiry. This has provided a better return on their investment and has enabled business expansion.


110% 49%
           increase in conversions          decrease in cost per conversion


June 2016 June 2017
  • Cost/Ad spend: $3,277.52
  • Conversions: 58
  • Cost per Conversion: $56.51
  • Cost: $3,515.06
  • Conversions: 122
  • Cost per Conversion: $28.74


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