Developing a Digital Strategy in Three Simple Steps

Written on 03 March, 2014 by Christian Bowman
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One of the advantages of having formal training in design is the ability to creatively capture and present information. Being able to simplify the complex and communicate a key message has enabled me to create a very simple process in developing a digital strategy and plan.

I have devised a simple method of mapping where digital channels affect your whole organisation, use this as a basis to develop a strategy document and ultimately determine all of the action requirements which need to be scheduled in.

With any strategy and plan, it should always illustrate where you want to be, why you want to be there and how you will do it. By following this core process, you will ensure alignment with your organisational goals, integration with the whole organisation and have actual tasks which then can be prioritised. By asking the right questions, you will get the right answers in understanding what you need to do why you are doing it.

You cannot develop a digital strategy unless you understand your organisations true purpose and also the direction in which it is heading. Starting here will allow you to better communicate with your leaders and colleagues which is critical to the success of not only understanding their needs, but also ensuring you have their support when it comes to implementing your strategy.

At both of the conferences I spoke at last year with both Universities Australia and the United Nations abroad, I spend more time talking about the people relationships and culture impacts associated with digital strategy opposed to the digital technology aspect. The reason being is that the hardest part about major change isn’t usually the technology, but the people and culture of an organisation.

At the upcoming eCommerce Conference and Expo in Melbourne on 25th – 27th March 2014, I will be sharing some great insights into how to develop a digital strategy and how to set goals to ensure your digital channels are performing at the highest levels. As the Chief Digital Officer here at RSPCA Queensland, I’ve been invited to provide share how I helped make our World For Pets one of the leading pet supplies websites in Australia and on a shoestring budget.

Netregistry is a supporting partner of the eCommerce Conference & Expo.

About Christian Bowman

Christian Bowman, is the Chief Digital Officer at RSPCA Queensland (Twitter: @megabowman)

After 3 years as the Digital Strategy Manager in the Marketing team at Bond University, he became the Chief Digital Officer for RSPCA Queensland. In doing so, became the first CDO for the Not-for-profit sector in Australia. Christian now also heads up Marketing at the leading animal welfare organisation. Christian has been helping organisations in both the private and not-for-profit sectors for over 12 years, helping them develop and execute digital strategy, utilise data and integrate technology to communicate more effectively and enable competitive advantage.

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