Distribute.IT customers helped by Netregistry Group’s acquisition

Written on 23 June, 2011 by Charlotte Norman
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The Netregistry Group today announces that it has acquired Distribute. IT plus Click n Go customers and assets. We will be assisting with resources and solutions to all Distribute.IT customers in distress following the extremely unfortunate recent hacking attack.

As a fellow hosting provider, the Netregistry group empathises with the situation which has led to this current acquisition. That said we feel that as a strong market leader within the industry, we are in a position to offer a stable cloud infrastructure solution to the thousands of customers whose business and livelihoods have been affected.

Talking about the acquisition, Larry Bloch, CEO of the Netregistry Group says “We all have a great deal of sympathy and concern for the consequences to Distribute.IT staff, management and customers of this unfortunate incident. It is important to us that all Distribute.IT customers know the extent of effort to which Distribute IT have gone to rectify the damage. Distribute.IT had a very solid reputation – that comes from doing a good job for a long time. Without that, I’ve no doubt that this situation would be a lot worse. I want to remind customers of that excellence and ask for their patience and support as we work through the requirements to return services to all customers as rapidly as possible.”

This arrangement is supported by .au Domain Administration Ltd (auDA), the .au manager, which has been working closely with Distribute IT management and Netregistry to ensure a satisfactory outcome for affected customers. Says Chris Disspain, CEO of auDA: “I am very pleased that Netregistry Group, Distribute.IT and auDA have been able to cooperate effectively to arrive at an arrangement that is consistent with auDA’s goal of ensuring the ongoing stability and security of .au.”

All of Distribute.ITs customer base will be given the option of moving their services to that of the Netregistry Group. Hosting customers will be placed on our secure cloud clustered, load-balanced infrastructure – a system housed at the Global Switch data centre – the largest data centre in the Southern hemisphere.

Larry Bloch adds “We will honour all payments for hosting at Distribute.IT, but whilst we are assessing billing and payment history we are giving all Distribute.IT customers a free hosting service as soon as humanly possible so they can upload their site and get their email addresses working. Please bear with us as we have had 24 hours to prepare for this situation. ”

As a company which has been a market leader for over 14 years the Netregistry group are able to offer excellent customer support and expertise to deliver the best solutions for all those that have been affected.

Speaking of his transition to the Netregistry Group domain reseller giants Simjen.com’s CEO Simon James says “It has been a very smooth transition and our domains department has found everyone at Net registry really helpful, everything that has been said to be done has been. We register over 50,000 domains a year and are the fastest growing website developers in Australia therefore we need a reliable company to accommodate our needs, Netregistry meet these needs”

The Netregistry Group uses virtual servers built within a load-balanced cloud infrastructure. This has been independently acknowledged by Load Impact as the fastest and most resilient hosting when benchmarked against other major Australian and Global Hosting companies.

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