Tip #3 - Diversify the content on your site to get visitors returning again and again

Written on 30 January, 2011 by Charlotte Norman
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Keeping the content on your site update and relevant instantly makes your site more appealing to users. There are plenty of ways to keep content fresh and new.

Using a mixture of these mediums will demonstrate to your visitors that you are actively providing new information, which may be of interest to them. A steady stream of polls, surveys, videos, guides, and behind-the-scenes articles will help inspire people to come back and also to give you backlinks.

Ultimately, you should aim to try and get visitors to ‘bookmark’ your site.  Bookmarking a site means that a user likes your website enough to come and have another look and that they want to be able to find the site easily.

In order to get a visitor to bookmark your site you need to ensure that the site, its design and more importantly its content, target the intended user. Ask yourself the question, ‘is my site relevant to my market researched audience?’

If you want people to come back, make sure you’re talking to them as a friend rather than as some distant businessperson. Bring your brands personality to live through the words, images and videos which feature on your pages.

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