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Written on 01 January, 2006 by Netregistry
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Many online entrepreneurs have several creative ideas with limited business knowledge for assistance. Customers are now able to ask business questions and receive expert advice from SME Business Mastery. Each month, answers to your questions will be published in the Newsletter


“How do I get more direction and guidance in all areas of my business? Working on my own it is often hard to know if I am doing the things the best way that will get the best results for the development and growth of my business?”

Carina Jacob is a young, “twenty something” entrepreneur with great ideas and a passion to succeed in business. Her business is Sporting Central a sports portal dedicated to promoting Australian sporting associations and clubs.

www.sportingcentral.com.au – the Australian sports directory that helps you find Aussie sports clubs and businesses quickly and easily.


Carina you are typical of most “solopreneurs”, who have started a business on their own and are doing everything themselves. It is very challenging to wear all the hats and be a solopreneur.

After talking with Carina we soon realised she had not written a Strategic Plan. Her goals and action plans were not in writing either.

A written Strategic Plan is imperative for all businesses – it’s your compass to ensure solopreneurs stay on the correct path, heading in the right direction.

A Strategic Plan starts with Vision your Dream for the business – where do you want your business to be in one, two or three years? Next you must write down your Business Goals inclusive of monetary aims, (revenue, profit and salary targets). Written Goals should be SMART Goals.

S-pecific M-easurable A-ttainable R-ealistic T-angible

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