Written on 02 November, 2022 by Rida Virk
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Why Acquire a .au Industry Domain?

Securing your .au domain is paramount to establishing your presence amongst competitors in your industry and increasing your consumer base, and sales. Therefore, procuring your industry domain is one of the first things to tackle when setting up a new business.

Let’s pretend you have a financial planning business, and you own and work from your office in Richmond. You could potentially expand your business’s presence far more than expected if you were to own the following:


Which are all still available!

“Financial advisor Melbourne” is searched on Google 1600 times per month and “Finance today” is searched 170 times per month. So should you have any such industry domains, it would increase your business’s potential to rank high in the search engine algorithm.

Webcentral can redirect your to or even better put your old website domain on your new domain name and then watch the website move up the rankings. We could even write blogs for you on and help you become the industry leader.

How Does a .au Industry Domain Benefit Your Business?

Industry domains are always sought after by companies because of how they allow the business to identify itself clearly and attract users to their website via keyword searches on search engines. Securing a .au domain for your business comes with a range of benefits to consider:

  • Establishing Presence: An industry .au domain allows you to set down the foundation for your business and opens you up to the local market and target audience thereby, attracting customers to grow your business effectively.
  • Global Market: By acquiring a .au industry domain your business will gain a competitive edge amongst the global market. The “.au” serves as an identity marker that your company is based in Australia and will encourage better memory retention among audiences of your business.
  • Brand Protection: A .au industry domain protects your brand from potentially getting copied or hijacked by other parties. Moreover, .au serves as a stamp of credibility and awards your brand with a further increase in validity, thereby establishing trust amongst your target audiences.
  • Increased Traffic: The .au industry domains have the potential to generate high volumes of traffic to your business website by ranking well in the search engine algorithm. Additionally, it is encouraged to support local businesses and .au domains are effective in gaining traction with audiences as they serve as an identification point.

Get Started with Acquiring your .au Industry Domain Today!

Being proactive and securing a .au domain for your business is always a wise decision but it can  sometimes be a confusing process. Connect with one of our customer service representatives at 1300 638 734 to learn more about .au industry domains and select the optimum one for your business. You could also shoot us an enquiry for any concerns and questions you might have about procuring your industry domain and setting up the website in an effective manner.

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