Harness the Power of Branding on Social Media

Written on 07 December, 2021 by Melissa Toh
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Harness the Power of Social Media

Let’s face it, everyone is on social media. In January 2021, 20.5 million Australians were active users of social media. That represents 79.9% of the overall Australian population. In December 2020, 96.4% of internet users between 16 and 64 accessed a social media channel. Given that saturation, it is clear that social media marketing platforms could be very potent tools to build brand awareness.

Boost Your Brand with the Help of Social Media Marketing

  1. Target the right platforms
  2. Build a brand voice
  3. Use consistent branding
  4. Post frequently
  5. Post compelling content
  6. Build an engaged audience
  7. Make it shareable
  8. Consider influencers

Types of social media platforms

Social media is a collective term used to describe a website or smart device app that can be used to share information. This includes text, pictures, sound and videos. There are many different types of social media websites and apps. Here is a list of some of the best known social media networks currently: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and TikTok.

The power of social networking in marketing brands

Business is using social media marketing campaigns because it provides a direct and personal avenue to interact with their target audience. They also support interactions between the brand and their customers.

Utilising social media for a brand awareness campaign has numerous benefits. It can offer a more cost-effective way to engage with prospects and in a more targeted manner. Every marketer dreams of their social media brand awareness campaign going viral.

Organic and paid social promotion can often make the experience feel organic for users, giving them a sense that they discovered the brand all on their own. That self-discovery can be a powerful way to boost brand awareness.

Social media can also be effective for the freedom it gives users. Rather than being inundated with a range of brand awareness marketing materials such as catalogues and flyers, social media lets users experience the brand with low commitment. Their interaction with the brand is in their hands. They can consider the brand without having to subscribe, and still keep up with the brand’s latest news.

Social media can also boost brand awareness through its ability to be easily shared. Brands can share content on social platforms, which is shared by followers, improving marketing impact and brand awareness.

How to use social media marketing channels to build brand awareness

social media marketing platforms build brand awareness

Target the right platforms

Social media platforms are all different. Branding in social media can be dramatically impacted by your choice of channel. If your brand relies heavily on visual appeal, then don’t engage in social media boosting on channels such as Twitter. If your targets are young, then a channel such as TikTok or YouTube may be your most effective social media marketing channels. The key is to find the platform to build your digital marketing brand awareness amongst your target audience.

Build a brand voice

The best brand awareness campaigns are built around a consistent tone and style of delivery. Similarly, if you want to boost brand awareness, the social media marketing campaign should employ a consistent style and tone. That consistency should be executed across all social media marketing channels.

Don’t forget your brand rules

Your customers are moving between the digital and the real world. Make sure your brand logo and treatment are consistent in both worlds and are used all the time.

Post frequently

To build brand awareness, post often to create engagement with your audience. It is possible to improve brand awareness if the quality of the regular posts is on-brand and consistent.

Post visually compelling content

Use photo editing apps like Snapped to make your feed look more coherent, polished, and professional. Refer regularly to your agreed brand voice to ensure that post consistency is being maintained.

Build an engaged audience

An engaged audience is a better measure of performance in terms of branding in social media than simply social media followers. Keep it social and boost your engagement by:

  • Responding to every question asked
  • Mention people when positing
  • Reply when people mention you
  • Start a conversation at every opportunity

Make it shareable

boosting your brand with social media marketing

Do anything you can to encourage sharing within your social media brand awareness campaign. Turn your followers into brand advocates who boost brand awareness through sharing with friends and family. Some brands actively reward followers for such brand advocacy.

Consider influencers

Carefully study different influencers belonging to your niche over time and develop relations with them. There are different types of campaigns that influencers can carry out in collaboration with you, that might boost your branding on social media.

Don’t overlook the power of social networking in brand marketing

Social media has become one of the most important parts of our daily life. It not only helps users to communicate, but it has also become one of the best tools for marketers in boosting brand awareness.

If you need some help to boost your branding in social media, we have an expert team that can help. We can assist you in setting goals for your social media marketing campaign and determining the best platforms for your brand. From crafting unique content that engage with your target audience, to improving brand awareness using strategic paid ads campaigns.

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