Have you got an open mind?

Written on 12 February, 2013 by Tim Reid
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**Achtung! – This is not a blog post on social media. Uh-uh … it’s a post about being open to new things**

I got caught out (then pleasantly surprised) last week for not keeping an open mind.

On a recent episode of the Small Business Big Marketing show I interviewed this guy, Jason Mile, who is a leading Pinterest user and expert – in fact, he’s even written the definitive book on how to use Pinterest to market your small business. It’s 232 pages long!

I was like, “How can anyone write something that long on a social media channel on which you create virtual pinboards containing stuff you’re interested in?!”

In fact, I skeptically went into the interview thinking “Really? Another social media channel? It’s not as if Twitter’s producing earth shattering results for most small businesses. And how many business owners are still working out what to do with all those requests to get LinkedIn? Like most!!”

Do we really need another social media to while away the hours? Is Pinterest really going to provide me with a commercial measurable return on my investment (of time)?

Well, the answer is yes. Take a listen to my interview to find out how.

More importantly, my skepticism got me thinking about just how closed I was to something I knew little about. And it got me asking myself, with my small business owners hat on, what else am I saying no to that if I said yes to would positively impact my business? My life? My family’s life?

Deep, huh?!

What if I did take the call from the friendly Philippine fellow suggesting that is I change electricity companies my business would save $250 per annum?

What if I did sit in on the webinar and listen to some woman spruke the 7 steps to marketing nirvana

What if I dud attend the local chamber of commerce’s next networking night at the risk of being sold to?

What if? Seriously!

Now, I’m not suggesting to stop and check in on yourself. Ask yourself “Hey, what am I saying no to. And why?”

“What if I said yes?”

What do you think? Have I lost the plot? Should we keep those barriers firmly in place?

Should we all walk around wearing T-shirts that yell “Tell it to the hand!”

Or should we spend the next four weeks having an open mind?

Enough from me…I’m off to pin some thing on the Small Business Big Marketing Show’s Pinterest ;0)

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