How Premium Domains Can Help Increase Traffic

Written on 31 May, 2022 by Melissa Toh
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It makes good business sense to secure your brand or business’s online presence by registering its exact domain name. It also makes sense to flick through a premium domains list to see if there is a premium domain that could build your online performance.

In this article, we will explain what premium domain names are and how they can add value to your online business.


What are Premium Domain Names?

If your company has thousands of dollars to spend on advertising to create a widely recognisable brand, this may be enough to garner direct traffic to your site. Think Apple, LG, The Iconic or Rebel.

However, if you are like most small businesses in Australia, endless marketing budgets are not at your fingertips. You could look to purchase premium domain names to point towards your brand name to make it easy for customers to find you online.

A domain is defined as a premium domain when someone believes that a particular domain name is more valuable than a regular domain. Domains are usually classified as premium for reasons such as shortness in length, the inclusion of keywords and their ability to be branded.

You may be surprised to learn what businesses will pay to secure a premium domain.  In 2005 was sold for US$90m. Learn more about some premium domain name high-flyer sales and why they are worth such eye-watering prices.

Do not be concerned, however. You can still discover how to buy premium domains for cheaper amounts than these.

But why should you consider paying any premium for a domain name?


Benefits of Premium Domain Names

Benefits of Premium Domain Names

To better understand the benefits of premium domains, let’s assume that:

  • You are a painter or decorator working in the Sydney metropolitan area, and your brand name is Archie Sponovic Painter & Decorator.
  • You have secured the brand name domain name and have already built a website for your business.


Here are 3 ways that purchasing a premium domain name and redirecting to your current website can help customers find you:


1. Type-in traffic

Type in traffic occurs when a visitor navigates directly to the website by typing words into their browser with no spaces and followed by

It is unlikely that anyone looking for a painter in Sydney would “type in” Still, if you had purchased a premium domain name such as and redirected the premium name to your current website – you would have a much higher probability of being found through type-in traffic.


2. Memorability

Using the same example, whilst, as Seinfeld would say, “not that there’s anything wrong with..” the name Archie Sponovic Painting and Decorating is tough to remember and spell.

Suppose you had purchased a premium domain name such as to redirect to your existing website. In that case, you could use your new premium domain name in all of your marketing materials, such as business cards, Yellow Pages ads and even the signwriting on your car.

Customers will definitely remember who you are and how to find you online if you have a name that is easy to recall and spell.


3. Keyword Highlights

Again, if your customers are searching via Google, Bing or Yahoo for a painter in Sydney, they might enter the search words as Painter Sydney.

Suppose you have done a considerable amount of SEO on your site and worked closely with AdWords and other paid forms of search optimisation. In that case, you may have a chance of ranking in the first two pages of Google for the search terms Painter Sydney, but as the industry is so competitive, this would take a lot of time and work.

If, alternatively, you had purchased the premium domain name of and redirected it to your existing website, the keywords would be highlighted in your domain name by the search engines, and you would have a far higher chance of being found via organic search.


premium domain names enhances SEO results


Premium domains can help your business to be found faster and more conveniently. Make it too complicated, and your customer may not persevere, and if a customer cannot find you at all – that’s a loss of 100% of traffic and 100% of potential revenue.  So consider scanning a premium domains list or use a premium domain checker to identify a domain that could boost your online performance.

Webcentral can help you with your premium domain purchase.

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