How to Build Brand Awareness with Social Media

Written on 13 March, 2018 by Shounak Gupte
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If you were to see an apple, there’s a decent chance that your line of thought would travel towards the technological superpower that is the Apple brand. The prevalence of Apple technology products is all-consuming, and the distinguishable Apple logo we see across products and advertisements has made itself at home in our lives.

This company, and many others, have built a strong brand awareness. Now, it may seem impossible to believe that you could reach the same level as these brands, but consider for a second that they were once in your shoes. Barely anyone was aware of the Apple brand when it was being created in a garage, but now it is one of the most visible brands in the world.

Using social media, any business can build their brand awareness and access customers like never before. There are over 2 billion smartphone devices in the hands of people every day, and using smart tactics across these social platforms can increase the awareness of your brand.

Identify your Audience

To target specific people who may be interested in your brand or services, you need to first identify who these people are. By doing so, you will gather an insight into what type of media platforms they may use compared to others, which will allow you to optimise your content towards this particular site. Research different social media platforms and observe how people talk about and respond to similar businesses across these. By doing so, you will be able to find the audience that you are looking to target, which will enable you to narrow down your methods of building brand awareness with them.

Build Your Aesthetic

Scrolling through newsfeeds, people pass forms of advertising every day without engaging with the content. Through smart advertising and engaging content, you will be able to grab the attention of users and draw them in to learn more about your business or services. Any brand these days is built on strong visual media, which includes photos and videos. This is a quick and effective way to promote your business, and if the media type is high-quality, it can lead to people remembering your brand. Take to the camera and get visual.

Get Trendy

In order to build brand awareness, it’s important to engage in current popular trends. By playing into topics that are trending on social media (or ‘Newsjacking’, as it’s affectionately referred to), you can not only access a wider audience, but also link your content to a topic people are already talking about. When done right, your brand even has the potential to become the face of the trend, thereby boosting your exposure exponentially.

Take, for instance, the Super Bowl XLVII blackout, which quickly became a trending topic across Facebook and Twitter. American cookie manufacturer Oreo saw an opportunity and took to it quickly, leading to one of the most talked-about advertisements across the world – and all it took was a simple tweet consisting of a picture of darkness with an Oreo cookie appearing in a slight light; the simple line “you can still dunk in the dark” attached.

Cookies have absolutely nothing to do with the Super Bowl or blackouts, but because of the company’s quick thinking, the tweet went viral almost instantly. Use trends to your brand awareness advantage, and who knows – you could go viral too.

By harnessing these tips, you can amplify your brand’s awareness and expose yourself to audiences that may have never heard anything about you. If you’re lost in the big expanse of social media, then get the help of professionals and build your brand awareness today.

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