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Written on 26 April, 2022 by Melissa Toh
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Your domain name serves as the headline for your online business. Like the address of an actual brick and mortar store, it’s your digital address and helps users find your online location. In layman’s terms, a domain name is what you put after the “www.” in the URL bar.

For example, webcentral.au is our domain name; it consists of a domain name (webcentral) and a domain name extension (.au).


How to Choose a Domain Name?

  1. Most commonly used domain extensions
  2. NEW domain extension for Australian businesses
  3. How do I choose the right domain name?


It is essential that you give the selection of a domain name and extension the time and thought it deserves. Let’s first look at the list of domain extensions you can use for your business before assessing domain names themselves.


Most commonly used domain extensions

In Australia, the most popular domain extensions are .com.au. But there are many more available. When determining which domain extension I should buy, I need to consider my industry sector.

Particular domain extensions tend to be associated with specific sectors. So if you are an educational business, you may wish to append .edu.au to your chosen domain name. Or, if you are a not for profit, the .org.au suffix may be more appropriate. In these instances, users can use the extension to understand your business better.

If your business has a more global position, it may be better to utilise a .com. If your business is primarily local, you may consider a .sydney or .melbourne extension. These are also available within the list of domain extensions and help local users find your site in these two cities.

Being readily found online may mean that you should steer away from the most used domain extensions. By defining your sector or location with your new domain extension, you may be found more readily as part of a keyword search.

Don’t rush your decision. It can take time to discern the best from the worst domain extensions. Do some research. There is quite a lot you can read to help inform your decision. Try this article to get started. If you still need some guidance, we’re happy to assist. Before making that call, you should explore some of the available new domain extensions.


NEW domain extension for Australian businesses

NEW domain extension for Australian businesses

A new domain extension is fast establishing its credentials on the list of domain extensions for Australia. It is the .au domain name. The .au domain extension is short and memorable. It allows your domain name, brand name, or company to stand out in the online setting. Better still, it firmly establishes your Australian credentials.

Read more about why you should get a .au domain extension for your Australian business here.

In 2013, a new range of top-level domain extensions was made available. Some of these extensions offer quirky opportunities to enhance your branding or lift your keyword ranking. If you would like additional information about these more recent additions to the list of domain extensions, take a quick look at this post.

Having determined what extension you require, it’s time to lock in your domain name.


How do I choose the right domain name?

Many business owners rush into purchasing a domain without doing the research necessary to get the most benefit. It’s a key component of your online address. There are various factors to consider that may impact customer experience and brand retention. It’s critical to get a beneficial domain name for your business. To make sure your domain is optimised, take a look and consider the following.



Long domain names are difficult to remember. According to Moz, your domain name should be less than 15 characters long. This length keeps it memorable, building better capacity for word-of-mouth advertising. It also helps with your SEO efforts. Search engine algorithms are geared to favour user-friendly content. Using that as a guide, the easier your domain name is to read and write, the better it is for SEO.



Numbers and symbols pose a problem when it comes to domain names. Symbols, especially hyphens, are highly synonymous with spam. They make your domain more complex and challenging to remember, and there may be some stigma involved. It’s better to stick to letters to maintain your online reputation.

If your business name includes a number, it may be best to purchase the domain name with the number and the domain name depicted only in letters. For example, your business may be called 8 Seeds. In this case, it’s advisable to register both the domain names, ‘8seeds’ and ‘eightseeds’.


How do I choose the right domain name


When selecting a domain name, think of the other platforms on which you’ll promote your business. Social media has become a staple, particularly for small businesses, due to its cost-effectiveness and broad reach. If you plan to use social media, like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, to push your business, check that the domain name you’re interested in is also available as a ‘handle’ (username) on those social platforms. Keeping your names consistent across multiple platforms isn’t just a good reflection on your brand; it makes it easier for your visitors to find you, giving you the potential to capture more online traffic.



In Australia, .com.au and .net.au domain extensions are reserved for businesses with an existing ABN. If you want to register either of these extensions, you must be a sole trader, registered business or company.

It’s also important to note that just because the domain name you want is available to register online, it doesn’t mean a trademark doesn’t already protect it. Ensure your business doesn’t get hit with a fine for trademark infringement; by checking on IP Australia you can be sure you won’t cost your business any more than the domain registration.


Your domain endings should compliment your business needs

Finding a trustworthy domain provider is the first step to getting your domain registered. Ensure the registrar you choose is ICAAN accredited and provides you with sufficient support. Webcentral provides cost-effective domain name registration with the ability to transfer without restriction. Take a look to see if your domain name selection is available today.

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